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Well, I hope you all heeded the advice of us here at Razzball and waited to use your wildcard until this week.  I would assume you did, because we are all of the intelligent variety and from I hear it is spreading.  Actually I think that may be craziness, but crazy people are somewhat intelligent in their own way.  Randomly wearing helmet guy, you get what I am saying.  So with the FA Cup finished over the weekend, it gives you a set-up of what will be for the next few weeks in the FPL.  Unfortunately, with some injuries and some suspensions, it has altered the state of some fantasy stalwarts.   This post has been in the brewing for weeks now, and I have scoured the internet viewing everyone else’s theories on this wildcard business.  Some good one’s out there so props to ya, but I think I have a better idea or one that is a variation of others that seems to be not fool proof by any means, but in my head, they are very feasible for a better run at the trophy.  So sit back, relax, this is going to be a long post with lots of different directions but one common path for you to have the best club with your gift of the wildcard…



My strategy here is simple and it bleeds over to defenders because if any of you have played American fantasy football it’s a familiar theory.  Doubling up, or in some cases tripling up is the best way to go.  The best way to to take advantage of the 3 max players per roster is to look at teams that don’t have other usable options in the midfield and forward position with the salary allotted.  So with that said my 2 goalies that I would roster is a multi-faceted idea that lumps Fraser Forster £5.5 and Ben Foster £4.6.

Using these two keepers the rest of the way leaves only 1 tough week, and the week they play each other, for you to worry about, and it is the last week of the season where West Brom plays @Arsenal and Southampton plays @Man City.  The good news is that it’s so far in the future that you can address that need with your one weekly transfer when the time comes.  The reason I like flip flopping these 2 keepers is their schedules play well off of each other for favorable match-ups and there history, form and in West Brom’s case new more defensive scheme lead me to believe they will be aces the rest of the way.

Fraser Forster vs.Swans, @QPR, vs.Burn, vs.Hull, @Stoke, @Sund, @Leic, vs.Villa vs.WHam, @WBrom, vs.CP, @Ever, vs.Spurs vs.Liv, @Chel, @City
Ben Foster @Burn, @Sund, @Villa, vs.Stoke, vs.QPR, vs.Leic, @CP, @New vs. Swans, vs. S’ton, vs.Liver, @City, @ManU, @Ars, vs. Chel

As you can see from the schedule there are multiple options for favorable match-ups hence the green shading.  Red is for not using and the orange is neutral games. Forster has already clean sheeted 7 of the upcoming opponents, Foster not shabbily has 5 against the remaining opponents.  The goalies are by far the easiest position to figure out roster wise and the price for both options seems about right at £10.1.



Remember what I said about doubling or tripling up.  This is where is gets fun and exciting, well as exciting as fake sports roster management can be.  So we have the West Brom and Southampton keepers already in the mix.  My theory is this, most defence and keepers are so reliant on the clean sheet that why not gamble on the fact that they both have fairly favorable match-ups the rest of the way, and double at times and triple up other times.  So the first three defenders you roster are Ryan Bertrand £5.8, Nathaniel Clyne £5.8 and Andre Wisdom £4.5.  By using these three defenders first you are optimizing your clean sheet capabilities and maximizing your potential for more points.  You need 2 defenders from the Saints because I forsee using them in 9 match-ups. Adding in Wisdom gives you a cheap, usable option for 4 matches.

On defense you keep it vanilla and zig when they zag at the midfield and forward positions.  I like to add players that are the wing players on teams with favorable ball skills and a penchant for crossing. That’s why I am rostering Aaron Cresswell £5.6 and Kieran Trippier £4.8.  So in total you will be spending between £27.6-£28.9 depending on your preference on players.



This is where it really gets fun, because we are basically saving money on keeper/defense.  It doesn’t look like you are but you really are.  Basically saving £1m per slot.  Midfield is where you open up your wallet and turn it upside down.  The reason is it’s where you get the majority of your consistent points for the offensive things.  Not like farting in church offensive, but goals, assists and majority of bonus points that you want to capitalize on. To me 4 of the five choices are obvious and they should be on every roster. The big 4 are Alexis Sanchez £11.5, Eden Hazard £10.7, David Silva £9.4 and Stewart Downing £6.6. The last middie depends on your forward preference which will come very shortly.  I have seen people be down on Downing for the past couple weeks, but I have to argue that point, he is the cheapest player to score 110 points this year.  Add in the fact that I actual believe the Hammers as top 7 contenders, and their last 5 fixtures should seal the deal for having him on your team.

Your last midfield spot is going to be the most weekly transferred spot on your roster because you are looking for here and now value. My personal choice is to roster a very much in form option in Jason Puncheon £5.5 who by my estimation has at least 9 favorable match-ups in his favor.  So with Puncheon in the fold this gives you a total of £43.7 spent on the 5 midfielders.



The big debate for forwards is rostering one giant or two.  Do you want both Diego Costa £11.2 or Sergio Aguero £12.5.  I have seen the pros for rostering both, and I have seen the cons for rostering both.  I am in the theory that when you down shift on midfield the following week you can add the second to give you a stout top 2 with 5 midfielders.  I personally prefer Costa to Aguero, the reason being I am a little leery that when Wilfried Bony returns he may eek into the value of Kun.  So my advice is to roster Costa. Then add in the mix of Harry Kane £5.9 and Charlie Austin £6.5.  So your three front options will be Costa, Kane and Austin for a nice tiddy £23.6m.

I like Austin the rest of the way, he is a big home field advantage play and has 7 remaining there.  He also albeit less then his home totals, has 4 goals on the road.  Which is the same amount that Alexis Sanchez has on the road.  Kane is just the cheap mid range option you want on your roster.  He will play every week for Spurs, and pretty much play every week for your team. You are rotating Austin in on the games that are favorable (the Home games) at the expense of your fifth midfielder.



So here is what my roster is going to look like come pre-game for week 23.  It gives me flexibility in salary, has star potential at every single spot, and I am not wasting a bench spot on a guy who may cost nothing but is also giving you zero return.  The best part of this or any line-up is that there is already value there, because in all likely hood you have gained value by having one or some of all these players on your roster for some period of time.  Good luck and happy wild-carding!