The double game week isn’t even dead and buried yet, but most of us that were counting on it for resurrection are left at the prayer circle hoping for salvation.  The blank week of 35 is now upon us.  Not really healing the wounds of the current/past week, but nonetheless we battle on.  Transfers, chips and hopes in hand.  The blank week is going to leave a ton of dead teams even deader.  So basically the zombie apocalypse is in full effect in FPL. Don’t be that guy, play it out, even if for pride.  Find that one friend that you despise and try and catch him in the standings. If you have chips left, use ’em.  If you have multiple transfers load up on Liverpool and City this week in hopes of a bountiful return.  just don’t quit.  i will inevitable be left talking to myself in an odd change of events where I normally talk to myself.  So here are the transfer targets, ideas and basic head fuzziness from the Smoke show.  Enjoy the remaining fixtures this week and the quick turn around into week 35.  Cheer!

Gabriel Jesus – With the news breaking just yesterday that Aguero is basically done fo rthe year and getting his juices ready for the World Cup, The second coming of Jay-Zeus in April is here.  No boulders to move, no displays of torture.  Just unfiltered City attacking stuff.  Schedule is nice, and littered with the biggest goal yielding culprits this year.  three City folk moving forward the rest of the year sounds like the right move.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – As far as I know rotation still exists with teh wide side opposite Robertson.  Great returns last week don’t mean much if he sits next week.

Kevin Long – The Claret defender has been awesome in Mee’s steed. But will his steed be his when Mee returns.  So many puns that I wanna use here with Mee, and us and we.  I will leave it to the FPL universe’s imagination to think of a good one.

Wilfried Zaha – Returns in 4 of the last 5 games and of a brace.  Anyone else think that Zaha is the ultimate fantasy troll much like the Callum Wilson’s of the world.  Start buying and poof he disappears faster than a friend when the bar tab comes.

Marcos Alonso – The suspension looming, the blank week.  Holding is no longer an option.

Ilkay Gundogan – Rotation risk for every City player from here on out.  But someone still needs to play the center of the pitch and at his discounted price “I’d buy that for a dollar”.

Jose Izquierdo – Before you get all giddy about Brighton for the future, they close the season with Pool, United and City.  Yuck

Ayoze Perez – Maybe Rafa has gotten the best out of the striker.  Back to back 12 point affairs and Newcastle seem like a team to invest in for the next three weeks before Spurs and Chelsea to end their season.

Alexandre Lacazette – Is he more in FPL form than P-E, or is he just reaping the right place right time scenario.  Confidence seems to be back, but how much will he be in the Europa frame of mind or the FPL.  I would rather own Auba for this week, than skip the week with United on the slate.  Reassess at their double in 37.