First off, breathe.  Secondly we have four weeks to figure everything out.  There is no need to go full on Chernobyl and build your team to be a complete entity now for week 31.  No one wants a team constructed of three Liverpool players and than a miss mosh of West Brom, Watford and the likes for the next three weeks before they all do battle in week 31.  Just in case you are behind on the times there are only 8 teams scheduled for week 31.  After that is a mis-mosh of doubles and chip set-ups. But one week at a time.  Start by looking at your least valuable pieces, both form and price, and transfer them out for the 1 of 8 teams that compete in week 31.  Those teams are Liverpool, Watford, West Brom, Huddersfield, Everton, Stoke, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace.  Add in the possibilities of a Spurs/Newcastle fixture after the FA Cup replay happens against Spurs and Rochdale.  So it is a muddled up mess of blahness and anticipation right now.  Take on or two transfers at a time and work your way up your teams chart of bad to good players leading up to week 31.  It is only week 28 though so start slow, and I will be here to hold your hands with guidance the rest of the way.  Call me the fantasy crossing guard or something like that.  So here are some ideas for now that will help later and some that will just help now.  Happy transferring and good luck.  Cheers!

Loris Karius, Liverpool – The rostering of only three players from each team really comes back to bite you in the butt, especially with keepers.  Salah, Bobby D and than a defender looks like the play.  but what about the GK who benefits just like the defenders do with CS capabilities.  Two cleans in last 3 and three home fixtures in next 4.  Pool still are stout at home.

Ben Davies, Spurs – Buying back in seems like a good move.  Returns of three cleans and 2 assists in last 5, plus three favorable fixtures ahead.  Blank in week 31 looming possibly, but so do all your other top defenders, who are all hurt now; Alonso, Jones etc.

Cuco Martina, Everton – Among the scrap heap of defenders that don’t blank in week 31 and have a decent enough run into that week Everton are the best.  Tough pill to swallow but it is true.  With Watford, Burnley, brighton and than Stoke in the pivotal week it seems to be a crapshoot to get some points now and set you up with one starting piece after the three Liverpool entries.

Marko Arnautovic, West Ham – Buy Buy Buy, and not that NSync nonsense.

Xherdan Shaqiri, Stoke– Small transfers like I said.  Secondary pieces that won’t break the bank, won’t remove your stars from the fray for three weeks and actually giving you returns based on price.  Shaq is alidocious.

Oumar Niasse, Everton – Thank god there are three weeks to build up to.  Niasse may be the starter at striker now after getting three straight starts, but will he still be there in three.  Returns of 2 goals and an assist in last four could be something you wanna bank on if you don’t have a third striker that blanks already as it seems all of the popular transfers do.  Wilson, Mounie and Jay Rod.  All are good complementary pieces to a complimentary piece but how confident are you with Bobby D and the next two strikers being from that lot?