Everyone is always looking for the long term solution, and making transfers for the her and now and future is always the way to go.  Until now.  With one week of fixtures than a week off, you need to worry about the here and forget about the then.  After the week off the DGW and blank game weeks will be more blatantly obvious and you can attack them accordingly.  So until the end of February you shouldn’t have to worry about anything but the rest of the year set-up.  Whether that be using chips here, there and everywhere or making smart transfers to alleviate the hits that you may need to take to have a fully functional lineup to attack weeks 28-31. Lots of questions abound for this one week, Kane or not kane?  Alonso is not a sure thing for the next week and when if any trust do we place in Arsenal moving forward.  all vital questions that face this week and future fixtures and FPl gameplay.  So with all the news swirling around in your head let’s take a look at the immediate impact transfer moves that you should be making now and worry about week 28 when the break is over.  Cheers!

Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal – I get the love affair that you are staring at.  He threw up a 20 burger in week 26.  Guess what he gets Spurs and City in next two.  Do not waste a transfer or even a hit on anything Arsenal until week 29.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Arsenal – see what I said above for Ramsey.  Now say it twice to yourself outloud in the mirror while singing some C+C Music factory.

Gerard Deulofeu, Watford – Remember what I said in the intro, this is a one week attack the block strategy.  13 points against a disheveled Chelsea team that is in tatters right now.  He now faces off against a West Ham team that has had a mare of it all season. Starting isn’t the problem, overconfidence for being the first kid on your block to sport a Gerry D is.

Jordan Ayew, Swansea – The cheap third striker shake-up is in full affect.  The world punted of DCL for Callum, he blanks and DCL scores from the bench.  Now go look at Jordan’s stats the last 8 weeks.  Here i’ll summarize them goal, blank, goal, blank, goal, blank, goal, blank…..I like patterns.  It is like staring at that artsy fartsy painting in the mall and your are supposed to see a sailboat after 30 seconds.

Frederico Fernandez, Swansea – Cheap defenders make the world spin.  4.4 and 2 weeks in double digits in last 3.  Has Burnley in Wales and that makes me feel semi-comfy enough to swallow the price tag as a 5th defender.

Jordon Ibe, Bournemouth – Is anyone more frustrating to own than owning a Cherries player.  We all have at some point during the year had high hopes for the front 6.  Wilson, Junior…the names go on.  Check out Ibe though.  Cheapest entry point at 4.8 and has a goal and three assists in his last 4.  Huddersfield doesn’t scream defensive to me regardless if they are home or away.  The Cherries get redemption a week or a month later just gotta have patience.