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To transfer, or to not transfer, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them.  Maybe Hamlet was playing Fantasy Premier League back in the day.  You think he would transfer Diego Costa out?  My guess is: it depends.  It depends on your salary commitment to him, your timing in wanting to transfer him out and who you are going to bring in.  These are all the good questions.  Diego is scheduled to go down this morning, and due to his vast ownership, he will most likely go down once again before Monday’s roster lock.  But these are all good things. My advice is drop him, or you should have dropped him immediately.  Wait it out, watch his price go down once or twice, and then re-buy in the next week.  I know it doesn’t seem like a great strategy by using a transfer and then reinvesting it right back into the same asset, but it really does make sense.  He gets a rest for one of the games that he was probably going to get a rest for already so there is no guessing. You also may gain a penny or two and make it easier to transfer a big name like Harry Kane out in exchange for Diego in Week 19.  Because a Kane for Costa swap is easier to swallow than, say, a Kane to Origi swap.  I am only a vessel of interwoven knowledge here to guide your ship, not steer it.  So here are some Diego ideas for transfers and some other tidbits or transfer-ology.  Cheers!

Alvaro Negredo, Middlesbrough – At his 6.3 price hand coming off a game where he actually showed something against an okay fantasy defense in Stoke.  He now faces a Burnley squad who on paper is a far worse defense comparatively.   This all fits in with what I said above.  Diego<Negredo Week 18, Kane<Costa Week 19 nets you almost 4M in the bank for the Aguero bring-back.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Man United – Everyone is going this direction because they straight lazy with salary.  Don’t be a lemming.

Eden Hazard, Chelsea – Has a suspected knee injury.  Now, what do you do if Diego and East of Eden are both out?  Cry.  That’s 21% of your allotted salary that you have sitting out.  Fantasy points, meet my friend severe disadvantage.  Pleasure to meet you.  Oh, is that red arrow with you, or did he just stumble in?  Just in case plan ahead.

Jay Rodriguez, Southampton – It was like a throwback weekend when I saw him shining out.  Injuries have taken the fantasy luster off the man that was so coveted just two years ago.  Got two goals, and most importantly his second full 90 in three weeks.  Injury to Austin may have forced him here, but talent is going to sustain it.  Saints upcoming fixtures: Spurs,West Brom, Everton, Burnley.  One out of three are actually scary.

Nathan Ake, Bournemouth – Hey, the 13k transfers who brought him in… I sorta like you’re swagger.   You are like the girl you meet on Friday night, totally have fun with and then she pays for the cab ride back to her place!  Only Arsenal fixture is shivering in the next 4.  See, the girl on Friday night was not only cute and funny but chivalrous.

Aaron Cresswell, West Ham – I wanted to list another Hammer defender, but I would rather be repetitive.  He does everything that the Bellerin’s, Alonso’s , Daniels’ do at a discount and a differential.  If not for yourself, do it for me… pitty please.




  1. Cafuné

    Maxi says:

    Hey! Long time no comments, been hanging in there, although still a rough season for me so far:

    GK: Lloris, Pickford (seems like every week I pick the one that doesn’t get a CS)
    DEF: Smith, Fuchs (suspended), Koscielny, Van dijk, van aanholt
    MID: Sanchez, Hazard, Phillips, Capoue, Eriksen
    FWD: Kane, Afobe, Anichebe

    1 transfer this week…I have 1.3 in the bank, I could trade out hazard now to save money in preparation for Diego coming back, or upgrade afobe to negredo, llorente, origi….

    Thoughts? Gracias!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Maxi: I think you need some Chelsea defense begore anything and with that money in the bank go for Cesar or Marcos. Then attack the quick weeks with the freebies. Hope all is well. Happy holidays.

      • Cafuné

        Maxi says:

        @Smokey: I got antsy and switched out Afobe for Negredo, but upgrading my defense with some Chelsea DEFs will be next on the agernda.

        Cheers and happy holidays as well!

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