As a Blues fan it pains me to type in a sentence that I am waiting for the Pudlians to determine the fantasy forecast of the FPL universe for the upcoming week 36.  But alas here we are 5-2 later.  Wondering is that enough for the commitment level needed to buy into a Liverpool side this week, or is it not enough to rest on your laurels and say I am rolling with the Joneses’ of the fantasy world and standing pat.  I wish I was more of a devout mind and had a simple answer to that question.  You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  the ownership and ownership levels on the Salah’s. Mane’s and insert third name Liverpool player are astronomical right now.  especially if you are chasing points.  but is the chase the thing that may help you in your endeavors.  I think it just may.  It brings into play what5 we touched a few weeks ago is the games remaining more valuable for less games given the known returns or gambling on he bonus games to be played at the questionable return.  Questions as long as the day is long my friends.  Many a fantasy pundit will climb the tree of knowledge saying they have the best umbrella for a rainy day, bit I am here to tell you taht they are simply guessing. And guessing is sometimes a legitimate FPL strategy.  so before you start to guess, let’s get some logic in your noggin head into the pivotal week 36 no blank/no double fixture week.  Transfer insight upcoming, strap up.  Cheers!

Jan Vertonghen, Spurs – From this moment forward you want a Spurs defender.  Look’s around and sees zero stability outside of Jan.  Trippier, Davinson, Davies, Aurier, rose…the list is long for possible rotation risk.  Vertonghen gives you stability and quality but not much promise of a bonus day.  At 6.0 and with Watford, west brom, Leicester and Newcastle for the remainder you will be hard pressed to find a better defender with better fixtures at a more expensive price.

Mamadou Sakho, Crystal Palace – Most of the transfer love this week encompasses the rest of the year.  Palace is not the stoutest group of defensive wizards.  they just shut out Watford though…big deal.  They face 2 worse defenses the last 3 games of this year.  Owned in less than 2% of leagues and a bonus guy when he plays,  5 straight 90’s btw.

Leighton Baines, Everton – 3 cleans and an assist in last 6 games.  Good enough for 1/2 of his season points.  Put that over a full 35 games season and he is a top 8 scorer.

Bernardo Silva, Man City -The rest of the year is about differentials too.  Bilva had a goal, but basically so did everyone else of importance for City.  Yaya is going to get one of the games at home for teh light Blues, so plan accordingly, but who know who the sit will be.  Bilva is the guy to own for one week.

Theo Walcott, Everton – I do like the schedule for the Toffees’, but who are we really gonna trust when the DGW is around, which they don’t actually have.

P-E Aubameyang, Arsenal – This transfer is being determined by the Europa result.  He can’t play in it, and Laca has 5 in 5.  But if Arsenal win big enough that the goal differential is wiped out Auba plays regardless against Man United and for the double. Or does he.  name value sucks in this game we play.  I would rather own the possibility of Lacazette playing with the first team than Auba playing with a bunch of scabs who don’t normally fit together.  Be careful to fall for the name value trap.