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Listen, I pay attention to the masses going crazy on the Twitter-verse.  We all do as proactive owners of an FPL franchise, but this Wildcard already stuff is ludicrous.  Not the rapper either.  There are so many factors that apply to this that it shouldn’t even be an option.  First, it is only Week 3 my friends, chill.  A minus 4 or even a minus 8 for a one game situation (which Week 3 is) is a far better alternative than using the wildcard.  The second and third reasons divulge further into it… so patience.  Second, the international break is one week away, which makes this a one week payoff.  What does it hurt to wait… nothing!  If anything, more knowledge and news will aide in your quest for a perfect line-up.  Lastly, the transfer window in real life ends when there is a break.  That is it shut off the lights, what we have is what we play with.  It brings names back into the foray like Coutinho, Hazard, Alexis and maybe some unknown.  As sexy as it sounds to start over now, because your point returns aren’t up to snuff, just don’t.  Wait it out.  We still will have 35 weeks to play, which if you play it out right, is a ton of time to achieve top 10k or beyond status. For some S’s and G’s here are some keen transfer ideas for Week 3 of the FPL.  Cheers!

Michail Antonio, West Ham – Anyone talented enough to basically play every position on the pitch has to be talented enough for your squad.  At 7.5 currently and a nice fixture forecast (@Newcastle, vs. Huddersfield, @West Brom)  the gains for a middie with capabilities far outweigh the negatives.  We saw what he could do last year when healthy, well guess what he is healthy and has more toys around him.

Allan Nyom, West Brom – i get the Hegazi love, but take away the goal and you have Nyom.  owned in less than 1% of leagues currently and last time I checked he has the same schedule as Hegazi does.

Harry Kane, Spurs – The stats won’t lie for ever.  16 shots in two games without a result is a fantasy outlier.  Invest heavy versus a Burnley team that is awful on the road.  90k transfers out already as of writing this,  better to wait it out and see if you can save a penny.

Jese, Stoke – A ten point return is sexy, but at what point is he just a sparkly newer version of a Barca product.  It is a long list…Bojan, Arteta, Geovanni….It’s a longer list just saying.  For his price of 6.0 how many goals will the Potters score.

Wayne Rooney, Everton – Ok I am a believer.  Big game scorer last week, gets the other Blues this week.

Richarlison, Watford – Passing the eye test for me as a competent fantasy player.  15 point return the first two weeks and looks to be firmly in place even when Deeney comes back on the pitch, which will totally not hurt his value at all.  If given a coin flip of a more forward playing jese or Richarlison I am leaning with the younger playmaker.



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      @Cafuné: He may be better then what we saw from Ighalo. Love that picture

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