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The thing that is the puzzler for strategy in FPL that is unlike the other fantasy worlds is the international break and navigating them.  American Football, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball have All-Star breaks and that is about it.  The beautiful game magnifies that and says “We are going to break completely, go play for other teams, run the risk of injury and possibly create a huge ginormous run-on sentence.”  All that is true except for some of it.  The Int’l break is not something to take lightly and with its conclusion on Wednesday of this week, the injury and fitness woes will be abounding.  We are already nervously pressing buttons with heavyweight fantasy options like Romelu Lukaku, now over-owned N’Golo Kante is on the mend joining Alvaro Morata as blue Blue’s.  The best advice is to make transfers for today or at least wait til Friday when the news of who is wha and when are frothed from the mouths of the respective team’s skippers.  For giggles, like every Tuesday here are my early strikes at the transfer market in the FPL for Week 8…

Tiemoue Bakayoko, Chelsea – While I mentioned Kante’s name in the top he is owned by a bizarrely high number of FPL managers, 20.7% or basically 2 million owners.  Let’s hope this Yoko isn’t the plastic replica of N’Golo.  Has shown flashes of involvement even with Kante fit.  Now has a spot for good with the shiny Chelsea tools coming back to fitness.

Virgil van Dijk, Southampton – Is still owned less than Yoshida.  For the love of all Saints How?  price of 5.4 and with Newcastle, West Brom, Brighton, and Burnley as the next month of games you can bank on some tricks but mostly treats until after the masks come off.

Aaron Cresswell, West Ham – I wish he was a penny cheaper. but isn’t.  At some point the secondary stats will line up with the primaries and you will have a spot on 5.0 defender for a Hammers team that is playing spirited defensive ball.  Fonte, Zabby and Reid are the penny savers, but with out the most crosses in the Premier like Aaron.

Alex Iwobi, Arsenal – I am not saying he should get or see more minutes.  No, no that is exactly what I’m saying.

Eden Hazard, Chelsea – Now is the time.  I think.  He costs as much as one of those shiny forwards and is a rob Peter to pay Paul kinda move, but he is the goods and Chelsea’s schedule flattens out for the next three before games versus United.  This move is probably the top questioned move this week.  With Sanchez and him back and presumably firing on all cylinders it is a matter of trust versus form with Sanchez.  Tough one sports fans.

Marcus Rashford, Man United –  I don’t know if his ownership has gone up with the Lukaku sitting for Belgium thing or more people are buying into him as a fantasy thing.  Either way he is the goods, just a minute per point valued love machine.  If you are downgrading the big three to spare parts and a hefty midfield, he is the differential to owning Rome for right now and having a shiny new Alexis in your midfield driveway.