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What is so dissimilar to this double game week than the previous double game week?  Nothing, it’s like Rick Ross meets General Akbar.  For those not in the know, it is a trap. Both Southampton and Arsenal are about as trustworthy as a 17-year-old designated driver.  Yeah, you may get to the desired destination, but at what cost?  Dignity, pride and the basic evolution of drunktitude will be lost.  So most moves this week will either involve a Saint or a Gunner.  It is the facts of life, minus Ms. Garrett.  So if you wanna make any head way this week and keep up with the proverbial Jones’, those are the swimming with the current type moves.  But be heady that neither have two winnable fixtures, and the second fixture faces off against one another… never fantastic for fantasy.  So with that in mind here are the transfer ideas, pre-DGW and for looking ahead to that sexy week 37 double.  Cheers!

Jack Stephens, Southampton – Jack is his name, Football is his game.  Red is his color…cheap priced is the other.  Uhh, you think your bad, uhh you’re team will be bad if you don’t include him in your team building.  I understand that the cheer derailed halfway through.  But if you were as drunk as me, you would be pissing yourself.

Harry Maguire, Hull – Hull is home, regardless of opponent they are like David (Bruce) Banner, compared to the Hulk on the road. Go get a Tiger!!

Nacho Monreal, Arsenal – Who else are we trusting there to get two straight 90’s?  Bellerin? Holding?  Gabriel? Gibbs?  Quick answer there isn’t one, but with the double and the salaries of all Arsenal players you need  to invest in certain parts.  Nacho’s grande for all my horses and men.

Josh King, Bournemouth – Stay the way of the gun.  Hold for the Potters fixture.

Marc Albrighton, Leicester – Every week needs an oddball call.  With fixture with Watford, City and Spurs on the horizon through the game week 37 double.  He offers both salary savings and a penchant for assistery.

Eden Hazard, Chelsea – This is the no duh portion of the program.  In all seriousness though there next four are like cookie monster porn.  The biggest question is which three for the Blues before the DGW.  hazard is one, and with 3 out of the bottom 7 scoring teams in the next set of 4 a defender seems like a must.  So it comes down to either Costa, Pedro or obtuse thinking

Gabriel Jesus, Man City – Grab him now before the price goes crazy and everyone realizes that he is back and here to stay.  Played next to Aguero over the past weekend and looked decent enough for him to be Pep’s love chop again.



  1. Cafuné

    Maxi says:

    Smokeshoooow, what’s good?!

    my looong awaited active WC (finally can get myself a proper defensive alignment!)

    GK: Cech/Caballero
    DEF: Holgate (only one I’m keeping), Cahill, Stephens, Maguire, Yoshida
    MF: Hazard, Alli, Eriksen, King, Albrighton
    FWD: Kane, Jesus, Gabbiadini

    leaves me .7 in the bank. Should I go Alonso instead of Cahill?

    I’ve thought about upgrading Yoshida to Davies, but that would force me to sub out Eriksen and Albrighton for Pedro and Ozil, while also removing Gabs for Anichebe. Personally, I like my first lineup more.

    I will be BB in GW37, and I think this team is good enough to compete then. Do you like Cech as my only Arsenal player? I can’t stomach the 5.8 for Monreal, I’d rather have two Southampton DEF in Yoshida and Stephens alongside Cahill/Alonso.

    As always, thanks!

    • Cafuné

      Maxi says:

      @Maxi: Maybe Gabriel for Yoshida?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Maxi: Maxi!!! Same here with the WC.

      Lots of Spurs love on your team. Maybe too much with Eriksen. Alli and Kane enough, i wouldn’t go to Daies with Rose possibly coming back eventually could shake up things by their DGW.

      Alonso more offensive minded and I am not against doubling up on Chelsea def with their last 4 cookie fixtures.

      Two Saints def for week 37 yes, not for 36 though. Make sure you have three playable options in 36 instead of the Saints pair.

      I prefer gabriel over Yoshida, but try and get two Chelsea Defenders or even Courtois

      • Cafuné

        Maxi says:

        @Smokey: good advice man!

        ssssooooo two Chelsea defenders means no Costa….who should my 3rd FWD be? Gabs, Vardy, Giroud?

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