The elephant in the room.  The question that is firmly on everyone’s mind. It’s an easy one too.  Just look at your team and see that high scoring, 99% owned midfielder.  The one, the only, Mo Salah.  Now with the season only five weeks long, where does the seven come from?  It is easy actually.  That is the number of fixture that other FPL assets have as compared to the little ole 5 that Mo has.  The only tough pill to swallow is watching all that retained value get flushed down the toilet from all the gains that Salah has garnered to this point from when you bought him.  I say soooo what!  You don’t need it.  Going into a thumb wrestling battle with 20% more thumbs is a win my friends.  So with the double gameweek her and staring us clear in the mug the term for this week is there are no allegiances anymore on your team.  The template is gone.  the options are a cornucopia of abundance just one click away for you to delve into the depths of differentials.  The transfers of titulations.  You get the point. Be different this week, don’t go for the most popular guy, but if you are sans chips left transfer wise because 7 fixtures is better than 5.  Cheers!

Christian Eriksen, Spurs – His value was peak last week, but still meat on the bone even after the Man City fixture.  This is a move for the rest of your 2018 FPL life.  To have and to Hold, from this Spurs player forward.  Brighton, Blank, Watford, West Brom, Newcastle  and Leicester remain on the ledger.  Plus a double in week 37.  Bye, bye, bye but better than those N’Sync.

Chris Smalling, Man United – A Red Devil defender is a must, and Chrissy Smalls is still somehow the cheapest option that should play both fixtures.  I don’t care how many times Lindelof’s me-mah calls I am not mentioning him.

Kevin Long, Burnley – Ben Mee (still a question mark) missed last week and he got a helper.  Cheap is better by the “foot” long.

Paul Pogba, Man United – Was a ghost fantasy wise for a dozen weeks and now we are supposed to fall right back in love with him because he did it against the “best tired team after a Champions League game” squad.  Skepticism is abounding, not in the transfer universe as he is being brought in by 65K transfers already and it’s only Tuesday.

Jesse Lingard, Man United – Spend your United bucks here instead.

Eden Hazard, Chelsea – The Blues are fantasy output is being overshadowed bu the Conte removal rumors.  If I had a spare 10.6, I know what I would buy. if you said 2 Milivojevic’s your not completely wrong. I think he scores in both affairs, and will be criminally under owned.

Forwards – If you aren’t rostering two double gameweek strikers, you are doing it wrong.  I know the temptation is there to keep Auba, and Bobby D.  I get it  I feel your pain, but two games with the price of goals and capability for goals from strikers that are guaranteed two games is too much to pas up.  Don’t give up on strategy now because you ain’t got no chips.  Pride, play for pride.



  1. Gareth says:

    Need to bench one of the following for Gameweek 34:

    Salah @home versus Bournemouth
    Arnautovic @home versus Stoke
    Aubameyang Away to Newcastle

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Gareth: I’m guessing these are all losing out to double week guys. Arnie is the sit.

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