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The double game week is here, and while some of the teams on the slate have pretty blah fixtures… (Cough, Crystal Palace, cough.)  The others have optimal schedules to load up your teams for the DGW.  Getting there doesn’t really require you to wild card per se, and I personally wouldn’t.  The wildcard is for Week 35 and beyond when multiple options present themselves with better fixtures.  That is neither here nor there, because tons have already wild carded and taken that off the table so let’s just concentrate on the here and now.  I said Boro haul because while they are basically a recycling bin for fantasy relevance, they do hold some value this week because of the teams that they play.  With games against Bournemouth and then home to Sunderland they face two teams that don’t have the best propensity for consistency.  Having at least one Middlesbrough defender this week and possible more could be a great idea if you can get there with minimal point deductions.  We all know the three teams that double, there is no secret solution to this.  It is a guessing game for the week.  Which is stretched out five days.  So grab some DGW fellas and then have a gander below to see what else is going down in the world of transfers.  Cheers!

Phil Jagielka, Everton – Still grasping at the Leighton Baines teet?  You shouldn’t be.  Phil is the new golden BPS player there.  Crazy but true.  Do to injuries suspensions and just better play then the parts around him?  It’s the Toffee defender to roll with for the time being.  No doubles on the horizon, but three useful fixtures for a top-10 defense.

Andrea Ranocchia, Hull – Maguire may be getting the goals, but Andrea has the Bonus in his corner.  He has only played since Week 23 and has the most bonus points awarded to him on the entire Hull team.  I am no math wiz but either they all suck or he is doing work.

Xherdan Shaqiri, Stoke – Is the 5 buck midfielder now 6?  Maybe but with a goal and 2 assists in his last two, he looks to be rebounding on a a lost season of injuries and displacement in the starting XI.

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal – Garnered another goal and it has to ask the question, If you aren’t building now for the back to back doubles for Arsenal after using your wildcard previously when are you going to start?

Manolo Gabbiadiani, Southampton – Remember this guy?  Good you shouldn’t either.  The Saints schedule even with two double game weeks is god awful and avoidable like the only chick at 2 AM at the bar.  There’s a reason she’s there all alone…hint, she has an extra appendage.