Welcome back several friends and the guy who doesn’t take no for an answer.  The FPl is back this week with fervert news and scheduling…finally, for the DGW. We all knew it was coming, but were a little leery on the who’s and where’s.  No worry here we are three weeks before the double in full set-up mode.  Whether you are using your assortment of alloted transfers every week, or using those valuable chips that you have been hoarding like that guy on Hoarding.  It makes sense just a slice bit redundant.   So this week you are either setting up for the DGW or you are setting up for the DGW, theres zero in between ground.  the double teams for week 34 are Burnley, Chelsea, Leicester, Bournemouth, Brighton, Man United, Spurs and Southampton. I know that you knew them already but healthy reminders are the preemptive set-up to the whole entire writing thing.  The best thing about this week in comparison to the last double week is that there are actually more than one team with reliable FPL options that we can bank on.  Also, just because the DGW is in three weeks the next week thereafter is a blank week for a few teams than that is followed up to game weeks later by another blank. Cafune went over strategy yesterday, so now we are firmly entrenched in week 32 transfers.  So sit back relax, grab some cool ranch Doritos and listen up.  Cheers!


Kasper Schmeichel, Leicester – The world is setting up with DDG in net for the foreseeable future and the blanks.  As they should be, but having 2 double keepers for week 34 is the bee’s pajamas.  Especially for chippers.  Burnley is the other team that is in consideration for doubles from my vantage point but are wee 100% sure that Tom Heaton doesn’t get a start between now and tha and foil the plan?  Leicester’s defensive normalcy is getting back with healthy bodies again.  The cleans just aren’t there though.

Stephen Ward, Burnley – Got the helper last game week after returning for his third straight 90 minute affair.  Don’t tell his wife.  Was a darling for about 8-10 weeks of fantasy goodness than injury sapped him of ownership and points.  If you don’t go the Burnley Keeper route, loading up on multiple defenders fro Tark, Mee, Lowton isn’t an awful idea now as they have teh Baggies and Hornets before the double dip.

Chris Smalling, Man United – When and if Phil Jones returns is the best tidbit of info I can give you to why not to own Smalls.  A united defender with de Gea is a natural double up with the fixtures firmly in there favor for everything but the Derby match.

Riyad Mahrez, Leicester – This guy is a must own for and through both doubles.  I don’t care that he blanks in week 35.  If chipped correctly he comes back in.

Johann Gudmundsson, Burnley – If a differential sort of exists it does with this 5.1 middie.  We all want the shiniest toys on the shelves and our wallets won’t let us afford them all the time.  A goal and two assists in last 5 for a team that doesn’t score much.  Has West Brom, Watford, Leicester and Chelsea through 34.  so some tougher fixtures exist, but still valuable for now and later.

P.E. Aubameyang, Arsenal – Do you go with a guy who is sorta hot but may not be a consistent goal scorer in the EPl or do you go with the more expensive Lukaku.  the forward ranks are going to look alot alike from team to team.  It will consist of Lukaku/ Auba/ Vardy and the gutsy ones will keep Bobby D.   There are no wrong answers this is your team, you don’t have to beg and plead for help.