Well my friends that time of the year is here.  The time where better judgment and guessing when and how to use your chips.  There is no right/wrong way to use them and anyone who says you are doing it wrong is a doo-doo head.  Tell ’em Smokey said so.  Game week 31 is the elite of the elite, and by elite I mean Liverpool and 7 other teams that are a fantasy cesspool of blah.  But unfortunately you can only use the utensils that are on the table, so we will call them the sorta-magnificent eight.   Eight is also a special number for roster building.  It is the number you should shoot for if you don’t have or want to use your chips.  getting to eight non-blanking players allows you to hide injured stars (Aguero and Kane) and one other player that the investment value for your team makes the most sense.  Having three players that don’t even take pitch in week 31 isn’t the worst thing after burying your investment pieces on the bench.  the answer to that last part is tw f0old.  How much value is someone going to get by fielding 11 players, which is basically 8 because we all will have three liverpool players?  Zero.  the match-ups and teams are not there from a team building to risk using a free-hit and using a wildcard with this lot is just not in the cards.  Keep it simple.  Get to 8 and call it a day.  So here are the best three options of the seven other teams this week.  Liverpool is completely up to your discretion.  Cheers and good luck on transfers.


Nathan Ake – Defensively stacking the cherries makes sense….or does it?  They just got tattered by Spurs and don’t have a form player netting you 3 plus points a week.  Add in the fact that they have one, ONE clean sheet in the last 16 played.  Yes, attacking teh Baggies defensively looks like a coup, but it is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Junior Stanislas – In the fray is a great thing, even for a Bournemouth player, Josh King is iffy already and not worth the risk.  Junior when healthy does a ton of stuff on the pitch right and occasionally may take a set piece or PK.

Callum Wilson – If he didn’t rape and pillage my team, and others previously he would be a shiny star this week.  Unfortunately he hasn’t don’t crap lately and I would rather blank or go with another strike option.

Crystal Palace:

Wayne Hennessey – Changing your GK on a non-wildcard is just not a good idea…unless he will be your backup the rest of the year.  Palace have a nice schedule the rest of the year as they fight for staying up.  Only a week 33 match with Liverpool looks scary ahead.  defensively I like them better than a non-offensive Huddersfield this week.

Patrick van Aanholt – Goals in Back to back affairs make the Dutchman look shiny.  I am buying Palace for defense this week, add in some O from the D and I like it even better.

Christian Benteke – besides Bobby D who else are you trusting up top this week.  Everton’s rotation, other teams ineptitude? Nope.  I am not worried about the sub at half last week.  Still has quality and the assists in 6 of 9 games is too tempting


Jordan Pickford – Get a goalie this week.  Whether it be Karius, hennessey or Pickford.  Blanking at goalie is like cheating on the SAT’s

Leighton Baines – Nice return from injury, but is he guaranteed to play?  Assist, clean and bonus.  that is the recipe for defensive magic.  he was a viable every week FPL asset, but that was 2 years ago.  I think I would gamble this week with Baines over Coleman.

Yannick Bolasie – Differentials trump all else in the BGW and DGW.  Siggy is iffy with a knee and Bolasie is coming off a fruitful 77 minute affair that saw him get a helper.  if the Toffees set up the way I think than he should play wide and be a menace on the Potters defense.


Zanka–  Or otherwise known in most circles as Mathias Jorgensen.  Huddersfield are a tough nut to crack, the word from the FPL universe is they are a buy this week for defense.  I think they just look like maybe the sharpest knife in a drawer with only 3 knives in it.  Like him yes, wouldn’t ask him to prom.

Christopher Schindler – I have seen double investment from the lot of us on the Terriers.  Maybe I am seeing something different. Two cleans since week 16 and just had one so they aren’t do another for 8 weeks.

Steve Mounie – The limited amount of strikers available will make him look like a good idea. I’d rather invest in van la Parra or Pritchard.  Don’t fall for the “banana in the tailpipe, I don’t have a second striker trap”.


Xherdan Shaqiri – The world will own him this week, and he owned Zinchenko on Monday against City. Be a different animal.  Stoke are the Potters, not the Candlestick makers.

Konstantinos Stafylidis – I literally only wrote his name to see if I spelled it correct.  Yeah for grammar or penmanship or whatever that stuff is.

Joe Allen – Every good blank week team needs a good Welshman.  Everton are probably going to score, so I am going to go out on a limb and say that Stoke need to score to win.  See what I did there?  has 10 Bonus points on the year which is surprising considering it only feels like Stoke have scored 10 goals.


Troy Deeney – I made the mistake of not saying 6 teams for available transfers this week because let’s be honest I am not recommending Watford players…sorry Cafune.  Everyone likes offense though and Deeney is the best of the Hornet’s nest in that category.

Will Hughes – I think John Travolta said it best, “It’s like white lightning.”  I could be wrong in that quote though, so don’t quote me.

Roberto Pererya – Who doesn’t like some playmakes that can get in the mix.   liverpool won’t allow him but everyone needs a shot in the dark, longshot candidate.

West Brom:

Salomon Rondon – Got the goal last week and now sits on 5 for the year. The Cherries are loosy goosey on defense and I wouldn’t bank on them being home by curfew…if you know what I mean.

Oliver Burke – Got the helper in their lone goal last week.  Is currently owned in 2 leagues.  His grandma’s home league and some ollie Burke stalker who is currently sitting outside his flat.  The Baggies are either going to be relegated to the chance of relegation and play their youth.  That would lead this guy into the minefield.

Craig Dawson – The glutton for punishment pick from here to the end of the season is to roster and start a Baggie defender.  Some how 20% of the FPL world still owns hegazi. i am pining my hopes on Dawson getting over that creek and beating Pacey up.