A funny thing happened on the way to this week’s title, I went to school growing up with an Eve Blank. If I could make that stuff up i would but unfortunately tis true. We used sh are the big pack of 64 crayons you know the one with the built in sharpener.  we were high rolling in the ‘burbs of Jersey. I wonder where she is now…hmmm.  Not that it matters because Eve won’t help you prepare for the week 31 blank fest and only 8 games on the slate.  i will.  So if you have a multi-pack of crayons you and I can be friends.  If not shove off.  This week is pivotal.  It is a time where you look at your team and say “direction, I am going that way.”  For better or worse this course of action will dictate how you maneuver through the chip minefield and when to use that all so valuable second WC.  I am not driving the bus to use it in week, 34, 355 or 37, because I just don’t know everyone’s team that well or what you have already used etc, etc.  But if you wanna ask i am always here for ya.  Transfers this week should be made with the course of action in place that you know when you are wildcarding, using the your free hit and the bench boost.  Multiple double gameweeks to strive for and to use every available asset that you have at your disposal.  So be smart, transfer with your head and for god sake stop thinking about Evelyn Blank. Good luck and Cheers!


Jack Butland, Stoke – From my vantage point they have City , everton Arsenal in next three.  Not good.  The only keepers you should be looking at for the blank 31 are Karius, Pickford or Begovic.  That is just my two cents though.  Lots of people are going to see the 11 point return from last week and say he doesn’t blank and I can afford him.  Don’t be dumb, please.

Josh King, Bournemouth – At 7.0 he is more expensive than your average everyday third striker. But, and there is always a butt, unless you’re larger than most and then it’s enough for two.  I digress, but two straight 90’s and he took his own PK last week and making all Callum owners straight sad.  his late run last year happened after week 28…coincidence or just happenstance.  Spurs, West Brom,Watford and Palace are on the docket for transfer commitment so it could be worse.

Ki-Sung Yeung, Swansea – If you wanna strike while the iron is Korean hot than by all means.  Two double digit returns in last three matches.  Blanks in 31 but has Huddersfield this week so a one off transfer for a differential amongst friends can’t hurt.

Bernardo Silva, Man City – Shifting around your Raheem shares and getting that third City attacker seems like all the rage amongst teeny boppers now a days.  Are teens still boppers?  I am so out of the kid loop it’s not even funny.  Anyone on City is a rotation risk and I don’t care if you heard that from me or someone else, because it is true.  At 7.3 he is the cheapest returner of points for the City midfield this side of that Gundogan fella.

Andros Townsend, Crystal Palace – There are zero people who trust Palace for anything but an ass whooping. Giving up 13 goals in their last 5 games and only managing 3 is just bad.  No blank makes it hurt less and playing Huddersfield makes it sorta ok.  Palace get Chelsea before the blank so he may be a grab and bench or just wait til next week.  No worries because the store of ownership differential will still be there.

Christian Benteke, Crystal Palace – I had to double check this stat but he has 6 assists in last 8 games crazy.  Chelsea could come out of last week and still think they are being lulled to sleep by City.  Palace should wear powder blue jerseys on Saturday, confuse the hell out of everyone.