Well, we are back my friends after what seems like an endless array of breaks.  No pun intended. Okay, well maybe slightly.  The unfortunate thing already is the season ending injury to Seamus Coleman, who before breaking his leg for country, was the second highest scoring defender in the official game.  Sucks, but that is what the one free transfer is for, or the minus 4, 8, or even 12 are for.  So losing a staple defender isn’t the best news to start the FPL Week 30 with, but there is good news on the horizon.  The DGW fixtures have sorta of been set for Week 34.  With United, Boro, and Palace getting the doubles.  Which if you are setting up for Week 37 and beyond, will be awfully delicious from a double up standpoint and wildcard usage rate.  So my advice for now is build for this week with an eye on 34, but a binocular type view on Week 37 (unless you have your WC, because it don’t matter really).  So best of luck filling the injury flagged spots on your rosters my lads.  Comments, suggestions are always welcomed.  Cheers!

Mamadou Sakho, Crystal Palace – Three cleans since his insertion into the line-up on the permanent.  15,000 in already this week and counting.  I guess they don’t realize that he faces: Chelsea, Southampton, Arsenal Leicester, Liverpool and Spurs in his next six, including the double fixture week.  Please he is a hatchet man getting lucky.  Look elsewhere!

Fabio, Middlesbrough – I think at least one Boro defender is needed for the upcoming fixture list and including the DGW especially.  They don’t contribute much in this format, but we all play other stuff.  Boro is the worst scoring team in the league and maybe the defense should try and help out.

Nathan Redmond, Southampton – Remember this guy?  Yeah me neither.  But I like the upcoming fixtures for the Saints, and he is in that magical save money 5 -6 buck range.  No Manolo may spread the opportunities around and Tadic may be appealing also.

Michail Antonio, West Ham – Sell.  He is hurt and don’t go down with the injury ship.

Andre Ayew, West Ham – If you just read the Antonio blurb and are Hammer obsessed add Ayew.

Jamie Vardy, Leicester – I get that the Fox are hot right now.  I also get that everyone still secretly wants them to do good.  If you are playing your wildcard this week because you have to, then he is an option.  I am intrigued and kinda wanna add him also.  By the way, same goes for Riyad.   Damn you high prices!