I know what you are saying and you are 100% correct, week 28 isn’t over yet.  I wanted to give the good folks of the FPL community who are currently freezing from the blistery winter weather and possibility of snow across the pond something to do.  Granted that is if they still have power, zombies aren’t attacking and Gary neville is yelling at everyone for walking around. With three games of significance to play one the Man City/Arsenal week 38 clash, the Swansea/ Sheff Wednesday affair and the Spurs replay in the FA Cup that will significantly change the atmosphere of the future FPL universe in the transfer market I still wanna touch on some things that are buzzing around my head in terms of FPL transfers. Having all the right answers is a futile game in trying to figure out the who’s and what’s from week to week in prospering in FPL. Every expert is a guesser, some just more glorified than the other.  Don’t believe me go look at the ownership rates of every goal scorer from last week and stop after Kane, Salah, Firmino and Shaqiri.   How many of the pundits could have predicted that mess to all be a prosperous lot.  None is the answer, and with limited transfers at a time looking smart is a far second to being handsome. So with that I will take my looks over being correct.  So here are my gorgeous picks to click this week in the FPL week 29 transfer window.  Cheers!

Andrew Robertson, Liverpool -The third choice for a Pudlian moving forward has been Andy, VVD or Loris.   last week proved to me who should be the third guy in the Salah, Firmino bouquet.   No blanks moving forward, I don’t see much FPL rotation risk and decent price/fixtures to guide your hand on defense.

Adrian Mariappa, Watford – I get the love transfer wise already as the Hornets don’t blank.  The Baggies on the slate this week and than tilts against Arsenal and Liverpool there after it looks like a shot in the dark from a lunatic rather than smarts.  But the 4.1 price tag is where you wanna be at for a 5th defender.

Rajiv van la Parra, Huddersfield –  Carving a nice little niche in a usually nicheless offense.  Goals in back to back campaigns and is owned in less than .2% of all leagues.  Spurs, Swansea, Palace and newcastle take you past the blank.  Differentials are where you make up mini points in mini leagues.

Jose Izquierdo, Brighton – If secondary stats counted I would be all over this dude like condensation on a pickle jar.  Except that Brighton blank and have Arsenal and Everton beforehand. Priced at a bargain 5.9 and returns in three straight though he could be this week’s chase the points winner for middies.

Alex Pritchard, Huddersfield – No Mooy no problemo.  The usually steerer of the Terrier ship has been absent with injury and Pritchard has stepped up with a goal and two helpers good for 18 points over two.   Budget middies with zero blanks…blah, blah, blah  insert cliche.

Troy Deeney, Watford – I normally would just ignore him this late in the year but 2 goals in thre  games is decent return for that third striker chase at 6.3.  The revolving door of usefulness has gone Callum, Murray and Mounie, Gayle and Mounie with Deeney mixed in.   Pick one and stick with it.  The constant transfer and chase stuff is such a misery.



  1. Gareth says:

    Great article.

    I had 2 free transfers this week and definitely thought about adding most of the guys you mentioned.

    With game week 31 on the horizon, then double game weeks after that, it’s quite a tactical period for FPL managers.

    I had the luxury of decent funds to work from.

    My first transfer I went for the more expensive Van Dijk over Robertson. I sense a looming goal for the center back and I fear a slight chance of rotation risk with Robertson.

    I’ve been stuck with the ever decreasing Calvert-Lewin as my third striker for a month now as I’ve had more pressing needs elsewhere and been going with 2 strikers (vardy, firmino).

    For my second transfer I looked at cheaper options who play gameweek 31 like Deeney and Diouf. I had exactly 7.2 million available. This just so happened to the exact amount that Wayne Rooney had just been decreased to.

    Sure he’s been out of form lately, but i figured he’s a regular and when he shows the old magic he can be quite the differencial.

    So it was Alonso and Calvert-Lewin for Rooney and Van Dijk.

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Rooney going forward, as he was far away from being a choice for me when I began the transfer process.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Gareth: while I do not love Rooney the stretch run is intriguing and the no blank holds water . His actual ownership is actually half of what the official site says so the differential factor has to factor in. Three pool and 3 Everton players for week 31 looks promising.

      And I agree with the VVD/Robertson comparison, I would just rather prefer a playmaker to a central defender.

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