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Last week’s sort of impromptu DGW by City and Stoke basically trashed the best laid plans of men.  So this week with only four fixtures on the slate, it opens up the question of: Is it better to take a minus to roster a full team or just get the bare minimum and go at it as a unit of ten (or less)?  The prospects of clean sheets eliminates the chase for defensive points, and with the amount of usable talent remaining on some of the other teams, maybe taking a minus in the full squad department isn’t such a bad idea.  Taking minus to get yourself a full squad is  not my recommendation, because there will be more teams in your predicament then not.  So rest on your rostered laurels, make the minimum transfers you need to get yourself to a roster of nine or greater, and then attack Week 29 like it’s a brand new day.  For those who are not in the same mind set here are some transfer ideas for the limited  slate of Week 28.  Cheers!


Josh King, Bournemouth – He takes Pk’s, that alone gives him some value.  That he plays this week and is a reasonably priced midfielder that you could probably enlist until the other teams double.  Four goals in last four, and five in his last six makes him totally in form for a Cherries team that needs to score to stay in games as they are a mess defensively.

Tom Carroll, Swansea – Cheap midfielders make the stars go round.  He is basically the price of a cheap defender with midfielder goodies.  With Hull, Bournemouth and Boro looking ahead investing in multiple Swans isn’t an awful thing to be stuck with.

Ramiro Funes Mori, Everton – Doubling up on Toffees this week may be the best advice for a fantasy sweet tooth.  Look for differentials if possible.

Martin Olsson, Swansea – Takes on a Hull squad that plays better at home as of late, unfortunately.  Two goals in his last three make him a viable multi-week candidate based on match-ups for a decently surging Swans team.

Giorginio Wijnaldum, Liverpool – If a differential exists through the Reds mid-section, it is Gini.  Goal and an assist in last three and is the least owned option there. It is way too late in the season to go with the flow.  Time to gamble!

Fernando Llorente, Swansea – May be the most in-form strike option going this week.  There is no Kane or Manolo, so Fernando is the best of the rest.  At 6.4 and with three goals in his last two, he is the non-blanking option to go to.


  1. Cafuné

    Maxi says:

    I love all of those suggestions for this GW! Can I have them all, please?

    GK: Lloris, Jaku
    DEF: Coleman, Nyom, Mawson, Holgate, PVA (I’m crying over his injury…whyyyyy?!?)
    MF: Mane, Sig, Antonio, Sterling, Sane
    FWD: Aguero, Rondon, Benteke

    Rondon and Benteke have both lost value since I brought them in, so my main priority is to move off them heading forward.

    I think I’m going to take a -4 this week to transfer Aguero->Lukaku and Benteke->Llorente. That will put me at a 4-3-3 of 10 players (with Holgate probably benched), and realistically I would only consider bringing in a Liverpool MF or King for that extra 4 point hit.

    Moving foward for GW 29, would you say go Lukaku->Kane? Or Rondon->Gabbiadini? Which of the two City MFs should I look to keep and which should I move to Eriksen/Alli (or another MF)?

    • Cafuné

      Maxi says:

      @Maxi: I meant Holgate starting on my squad but probably not getting any points for me, so 9+ starters.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Maxi: Maxi!!! Thanks man. your two moves are Sane < King and Benteke < Lllorente. For week 29 I would go Aguero to Kane and then Rondon to Manolo

      • Cafuné

        Maxi says:

        @Smokey: Thanks, I appreciate it! You aren’t too high on Lukaku this week then? Lots of blogs have him listed as an automatic captain this week, hence why I thought he’d be worth transferring in this week and this week only.

        How about that Ibra suspension?

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