All the news is centered on one team right now…  whether for the FPL good or the FPL bad.  Addition by subtraction type stuff. Let us first start with the addition of Virgil van Dijk, the phenomenal chimney sweep of a defender.  Looking at the transfer market currently for defenders you have Alonso, Jones, and VVD as the top three additions into the FPL defensive fray.  Alonso, I can understand.  Phil Jones is the luck dragon from Neverending Story, and United is fresh of two cleanies and has 4-out-of-5 winnable matches upcoming.  Now VVd, Liverpool play City this week, which is god awful for a defensive CS wish.  Yes, it is at home where Liverpool is one of the better home defensive squads, but still, this ain’t an ordinary attack here they are facing.  By name value alone I get that the people are falling in love with Virgil.  I mean he is sexy as all get out and moves to a better team with hopes and aspirations of defensive prosperity.  I wonder if we all took a poll on how many Liverpool supporters play this glorious game, if they would outnumber the other clubs handily?  My guess is yes, yes it would.  So with New Jersey and name recognition comes a new FPL romance this week as Virgil tries to hit a homer and gain you some fantasy glory.  Let’s see what else is shakin’ in the transfer tree this week.  Good luck on your transfer decisions, Cheers!

Phillipe Coutinho, Barcelona –   I know he isn’t or shouldn’t be in the database or on anyone’s radar currently because if you own him he is a goner.  If you want him…STOP.   Too late,  before his removal from the listing for Liverpool he was still being transferred in.  Yikes.

Riyad Mahrez, Leicester – Leicester for now?  Liverpool for later.  I told you the ‘Pudlians are steering the transfer ship right now. Could be quite valuable as the new drummer in the “fab four”.  I just hope he has a better song to contribute than Octopus’ Garden.  This hasn’t come to fruition yet so hold fast, he is being transferred in pretty crazy right now at over 100k in so far.  Liverpool rules the FPL.

Jesse Lingard, Man United – Is it too late or will he continue to score goals at a blistering pace.  8 goals in last 10 all comps and has gone up .4 in three weeks.  Man is dope, but is it a case of chasing points at this point.

Cenk Tosun, Everton – His arrival on the other side of the Mersey is also making noise.  He arrives to possibly be Big Sam’s striker du jour.  Basically nuking the DCL love that so many of us have as that cheap third striker.  At 7.5 price he is a good shift for a gamble below Bobby D if he gets suspended for being all impolite and stuff.

Ben Davies, Spurs – I am reading on the interwebs that he may be a buy because of the non-rotation factor now that Rose is all impy.  Maybe I am a scorned lover but with Liverpool, Arsenal and United in the next month of fixtures color me skeptical.

Andy Carroll, West Ham – Are these the 6-7 games that man bun will string together and be effective.  Starting with two weeks ago with the double against the Baggies.  Next 5 are: @Huddersfield, vs. Bournemouth, vs. Palace, @Brighton, vs. Watford.  Pretty cheeky for a 5.8 forward when everyone is packed with extra loot and ready to gamble