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If you are stuck trying to either hum the tune or figure out who in the heck I am jabbering about, then you also probably didn’t get a holiday greetings card.  The return of Philippe Coutinho is just in time for Red’s fans, and more in time for fantasy owners and Sadio-mane boosters.  One comes in, the other is playing with his feet on another continent.  Philly returns after a seven week layoff, and to our approval a .6m cheaper price tag.  Both fantastic for you as an 8.2 option rather than a 8.8 one.  Where he fits into the hierarchy of midfielders for the week will be more determined as Klopp let’s out more info then that he is fit and practicing.  So my advice in the matter is if you are cash poor and need the high scoring Liverpool midfielder affect then by all means grab him at a discount.  I personally would wait a week and see how he is deployed and used with the other pieces on the pitch.  I think a lot of people are disregarding how much Sadio Mane opens up that offense with his speed and skill.  He is going to be missed and some shifting of tactics are sure to follow.  Coutinho’s ownership currently is also a factor for him to be grabbed now for the opportunity, his ownership is stated at 14% on the official site, but in reality if we use all the tools of great internet sites it actually sits at 2% and rising slightly.  So the differential is there.  Price is there. Time and match fitness may not be. Besides one week isn’t going to break ya.  Happy transferring this week, cheers!

Natahan Ake, Chelsea – Was recalled to the mothership by the overlord that is Chelsea.  His price  is automatically the sexiest option for a stout Blues defense.  Is he better than Alonso, Cesar, Cahill, Moses Zouma or any other name you to insert for a defensive option there.  I don’t see him carving out time in a unit that is playing well enough together right now.  I think he trickles down to a 5th defender at a cost savings real fast or just droppable all together.

Salomon Rondon, West Brom – Tis the season for transfer rumors that ruin a cheap third strikers value.  Enter Rondon.  Currently at 6.8 and intr9iguing based solely on his upcoming fixtures.Afetr this week’s affair with Spurs he gets: Sunderland, @Middlesbrough, Stoke, @West Ham, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, @Everton.  That takes us to basically Easter.  If you are employing two out of Costa, Kane, Aguero and Ibra some corners need to be trimmed.  Rondon > Defoe for the next 7.

Dele Alli, Spurs – if you are buying the hype now you are three weeks too late.  The differential train is two flights up.  Ask for a guy named Bruno.

Robert Snodgrass, Hull – I love me some Snodders, and no that is not some Willy Wonka candy.  But, there is always a but with lower level clubs.  His price is sexy.  Look at the next 4 fixtures after Bournemouth this week.  United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea.

Leighton Baines, Everton – Is he back to what he was or is this an anomaly?  He is not going to be any cheaper the rest of the year so if you own an Everton defender like Ashley Williams go with BPS darling that is Baines.