The FPL season grows up so fast.  We still remember the courting process in the preseason when it’s: mom looked so good and was all good with her… feet.  Now that we are past the adolescent phase and they are basically thinking for themselves, we need to process the going’s on in the transfer universe.  Lot’s of stick or twist options.  Callum Wilson or Niasse?  The Pep news about using both Aguero and Jesus together as a conjoined twin of fantasy goodness.  A lot has happened in the four day span from game start to today.  Everyone has great ideas of how to rear a child,  I mean, it is so prominent in the news now.  So now I am flipping it and half-reversing it into a useful FPL standpoint for all of us to get to know.  So pull up another chair to the adult table as your FPL team is all grown up and ready to roll.  Here are the week 13 transfer takes and fakes for FPL.  Cheers!

Oumar Niasse, Everton – Seems just like yesterday (last Tuesday in actuality) that I said to add this guy.  But now he’s charged with diving like an pony of Steel Pier. No word on if he can do the triple lindy. Now Callum brings his cheap trio of goals into the fray.  Niasse is what Everton needs up top, whether they naively know it or not.  None of the Wilson injury worries and has 5 goals in 400 minutes.  The talent is more trusting on Everton just not  flourishing yet. Just wait for suspension news and move to Wilson if games are applied.

Eden Hazard, Chelsea – Last week to get on the bus.  Two goals and an assist last week and suddenly his price is attainable with the flurry of cheap third strike options that seem like all the rage right now.

Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea – Can’t afford the jump all the way to Eden, then the playmaker is your bag this week.  Chelsea schedule to Christmas is nice.

Will Hughes, Watford – Getting praise from Marco Silva is high enough praise.  Wait?  Yea that makes sense.  Now to figure out if he is more like Sean Patrick Flanery in powder or a frosted donut.  Dude might be scared of the sun, which makes sense why he is showing up when the sun is short in the sky.  new nickname for him is SPF.

Chris Smalling, Man United – Phil Jones who?  Regardless Smalling has three cleans and a goal in last 6.  Seems like he is becoming a more permanent fixture over Bailly… for the moment. Josie gonna Josie.

Ahmed Hegazi, West Brom – The Pulis way is not the FPL way, as the Skipper has been shown the gate.  How is this guy still owned in almost 19% of leagues?  Punt all Baggies for the near, distant and far off future.

Paul Pogba, Man United – Hasn’t played in basically 7 weeks and picks right back up where he was.  He 429 minutes played and is currently inside the top 20 of all midfielders.  Top 50 of all players.  The average minutes of the top 20 is over 900 minutes.  I am no math wiz but he is doing good stuff in half the time.

Sergio Aguero, Man City – With the Pep announcement that he won’t play both moving forward it kinda throws a lawn dart on owning either Jesus or Aguero.  It almost certainly means they flip flop and with three games in 8 days it is not an advisable thing after the first game.  If you own Kun, hold for the first game and hope he plays.  If you own Jesus, go grab Pope and Abraham and hope that the holy trinity is on your side.  In all seriousness invest in KDB, Sane and someone on defense until we get a clear path after this weeks fixture.