You heard it right sports fans.  No more international nonsense type stuff until Week 31.  Which if you have a calendar handy, isn’t until the middle of March.  Hooray for concentrating on the here and now for the FPL and the foreseeable future.  Also, on the funnier side of scheduling is that the first 11 game weeks took 87 days to complete, the next 11 will be done in a mere 47 days.  It is going to become a rush delivery, fantasy style.  The funny thing about the days is that regardless of 87 or 47, we still don’t have any clear staple team.  One that has so many intrical parts that we have to invest in to keep up with the so called Jonses’ of the FPL universe.  Questions still remain on the right in form triple of strikers, who and how many Spurs, Liverpool, or City midfielders we should roster and defensively where the differentials are grander, we maybe have one possibly two all-day, everyday options.  So the next 10-11 weeks that take us to the New Year’s day games will be a competitive balance of luck and skill.  So here are some post Int’l break transfer ideas based on the transfer ideas going down in the FPL universe, plus some common sense or totally nonsensical ones too.  Cheers!

Nicolas Otamendi, Man City – Suspended for only one game, stick or twist is the biggest question mark here.  Move to a lateral City defender like John Stones or break the bank with a move to Azpi?  I think sitting for one game and benching is the best way because of the needs elsewhere and question marks that are arising in the forward and middie ranks.

Romelu Lukaku, Man United – I am seeing tons of pub on him being captained this week?  Did I miss something or were those actually only 9 total touches in the box in the last 4 games not an indicator or flatness.  Typical Lukaku, make us believers and than disappear like David Copperfield.

David Silva, Man City – i get that the parts around him are lapping him, but at some point he will become a differential.  Just went crazy for Spain in a friendly and has only missed 28 possible minutes this year.  Chasing Sterling and Sane is great but it’s only 12 points, not 40.

Simon Francis, Bournemouth – While the Devil went down to Georgia is the popular target, the thing you want with a Bournemouth defender is differential.  Francis is that guy.  Not Cook either from the guy in the back who didn’t raise his hand.

Oumar Niasse, Everton – Cheap entries into an unknown entity.  What will Everton do up top?  Will it be Calvert-Lewin or Niasse?  Niasse is showing more to me in team news to be the guy getting more shine as a veteran.  At 4.9 he may be a punt but with sass appeal.

Wilfried Zaha, Crystal Palace – In the form over fixtures department Fried Zaha checks the boxes if you are one of those kind of FPL managers. Everton, Stoke, @Brighton, and @West Brom are the next fours.  It gets better after that to for a down trodden bottom feeder club.

Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal – Currently at almost 25K transfers in and 2 of the top 5 defensive teams on deck.  Price is nice but stupidity and schedule tell me different.

Xherdan Shaqiri, Stoke – If you need an apples to apples comparison with Ramsey I am choosing the Swiss Mighty Mouse.  Cheaper and fixtures are in hid favor….everything except height I think is in his favor.