Of all the holidays, or made up holidays is there a better one than Halloween?  Doubtful, unless you are a sap and love that St. Valentines nonsense.  Dress up, act a fool, go door to door for sugar and then consume in mass quantities.  Nothing explains childhood like the eery days of trick or treating.  much like the candy pitching holiday the FPl is like a trick or treat scenario.  We all dress up like we know what we are doing.  Get let down by EPL managers with rotation or injuries, and then cry in our own bowls of candy for the unfruitful returns that happen.  So if you are looking for ample returns and have the mediocre budget and don’t own Pascal Gross then he is your huckleberry this week.  I admit I was a little bit leery two weeks ago with Brighton giving such dismal returns on the offensive side of the pitch.  But with him basically being involved in 75% of the teams tallies he has got to be getting the gold star for the best fantasy asset from a promoted squad to date.  With his returns in the top 6 of the FPL midfielders and priced 2.4 less than his next guy that is in that group.  he for me has gone from questionable to unquestioned.  The discount alone is worth the lonesome fantasy returns that the Seagulls can give.  At worst he is from week to week a rotation with your third striker of fourth defender, at the most he is your 3rd midfielder with flair and sass.  Either way it is a win/win and his ownership needs to spike from it’s current 16.6%, so grab early and often, and don’t forget to check your candy for razors or “edibles”.  Happy transferring in whatever sugary or psychedelic state you may be in.  Cheers!

Joe Gomez, Liverpool – Not so fast my ‘Pudlian friends.  Liverpool is only good at home and their next two are against So’ton and Chelsea.  For those not in the know the Reds have only allowed only one goal at home.  Good for the next two, but don’t get too comfy.

Ben Chilwell, Leicester – It could be a one game thing but he played further up the wing than his normal defensive wing position.  Calude m,ay be on to something.  Go scavenge the defender pricing is there anyone from 4.0-4.3 that has any value that you would let babysit your dog?

Riyad Mahrez, Leicester – No, I am not on the Fox bus.  i am just pointing out that he has more returns in the last 3 games than anyone not named Leroy that currently plays in the Premier.  His price is a little scary, but no extra tournaments and his ownership is now a differential.

Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal – Ha, did you see his next two fixtures.  Stop drinking the Gunner Kool-aid.  Which isn’t Kool at all.

Eden Hazard, Chelsea – his price currently sits at 10.6, it won’t go down any lower because he is only owned in 5% of leagues.  A goal and assist in his last two.  not a move for today, but maybe a serious look after the UCL Roma game.  maybe his ownership will cheer Morata up and make him like London more.

Tammy Abraham, Swansea – You don’t necessarily need to go to a cheap third striker if you don’t wanna, but on a price per goal comparison he is the bee’s knees returning the best bang for your buck on that ratio.  With five out of the next 6 against better then worse opponents it could be the excuse we need to move from Vardy/Firmino.