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Queue the John Cena entrance music.  But in all seriousness, in terms of the FPL, the part that doesn’t have to deal with hustle, loyalty and respect, the Champions league is here and that spells doom for the five teams in it.  On a side note, it also affects the two other teams in the Europa tournament as well, but they don’t count because who cares about Arsenal or Everton.  Only slightly kidding.  So with this the first week where mid-week games affect the weekend fixtures what to do.  Panic!  Run to the window scream and say screw you rotation we don’t wanna think about you or your ugly sister.  Transfer Tuesday is happening today but that doesn’t mean squat to you, because you should wait.  Even at the expense of losing a few tenths of a cent.  The rotations and line-ups for the seven teams that are affected send ripples through your team that can not be fixed, except at the expense of a -4.  No one likes them things unnecessarily.  So be heady, be patient and resist the temptations of transferring until we get a square idea of who and what will be included for the Week 5 fixtures of the FPL.  Cheers!

Eric Maxim Choupa-Moting, Stoke – Has more names then most Brazilian born players.  Scored a brace against the mighty United but haven’t you learned a lesson about chasing points.  Mounie, Hegazi, Xhaka… the list could continue but I am lazy.  He scored 8% of the Potters goals for the year in one game, there is zero expectation he can do it again. Don’t chase past points.

Pascal Gross, Brighton – See Choupa-Moting, Eric Maxim above.  Cheap midfielders are cute because they make your roster look better a week after they did something.

Virgil van Dijk, Southampton – At 5.4 he won’t be any cheaper because no one owns him enough for him to go back down in price.  Owned at a tiny 1.4% and the Saints have the goalless and new manager in charge Palace on deck. Not every match-up is a 10 but this one may be an 8 with a great set of… teeth.

Joe Gomez, Liverpool – Wanna make a move that no one is expecting?  Bring in a Liverpool defender.  Burnley, Leicester and Newcastle are the next three.  for the 4.5 entry point for a defender there are worse gambles.

Kevin de Bruyne, Man City – Do it again… I dare you!

Danny Welbeck, Arsenal – I double dog dare you to do it again!

Jamie Vardy, Leicester – Wait, what?  Yeah hear me out here this is the last one for today.  Has goals against Chelsea and Arsenal and three total.  Sits with the fifth most points for a forward and has cookies for 6 out of the next 7.  Leicester has zero responsibilities to exterior tournaments and he is going to be playing every week, every minute.  Firmino, Morata, Lacazette are all rotation risks.  I am not saying sell the house, sell the dog and go out and invest in everything Vardy, but if he scores in 3 out of the next 6 you can say I told you so I need all the credit I can get.