Pull up a stool, first round is on me.  Welp folks go to the chicken coop, grab all the eggs and throw them in the week 26 DGW basket,  Chasing, points, leading or just having a snare of a season, it all shouldn’t matter.  This is the funnest time of the year.  everyone scrambling around to get as many viable double asset players as possible into their rosters.  You should be no different. The point hits are out the window for the chipless folks.  Get the triple captain or BB fired up.  I kinda feel like Vince Lombardi right now trying to motivate the troops for fantasy battle.  If you googled fantasy battle and were looking for the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy advice column, thanks for stopping by.  With tons of teams playing a double this week and all of them with awesome differentials and price dumps building a roster this week via either a points hit or chip is going to be a fun ordeal. So do your research, play the price changes game and strap on.  It is going to be a fun ride for the next 10 days of build up and than games.  Here are the transfer ideas for DGW 36.  Cheers!

Alfie Mawson, Swansea – Just seems fitting with the name Alfie firmly in the news.  Mawson gets Bournemouth and Southampton.  Twop powerhouses.  Sarcasm intended.  Though Swansea hasn’t been anything powerful, minus a disappointment.  Chasing cleans with lower level clubs is bad, but not many will look to Mawson or Swans.

Shane Duffy, Brighton – Yes, they double, no you don’t wanna own them in the Manchester death double.

Calum Chambers, Arsenal – gotta have a defensive differential from a team with decent ability and match-ups.  Chambers fits all those categories, just with a playing time if.  with Leicester and Burnley on the docket and a Wenger squad basically on auto pilot he could be in the squad for a 70+ minute appearance for the 5th time in 6 games.

Edimilson Fernandes, West Ham – last time a trusted a Fernandes with an S, I was hornswoggled into buying a donkey instead of renting it.  Stupid burro.  The Hammers are playing out the string, half on the beach, half out.   Lots of attention on Marko, none on Fernandes.  just ignore that S nonsense.

Dusan Tadic, Southampton – This is Dusan’s M.O>  good one week, sees his transfers in go crazy and than craps the proverbial bed.  Cheap and chasing his returns from last week are good, but do you trust a guy whose name sounds like an out of business car manufacturer from the Slovak republic.

Willian, Chelsea – Sell…and fast.

Riyad Mahrez, Leicester – I don’t know who has been more disappointing down the stretch Mahrez or Willian.  Both suck equally and out loud.

Kenedy, Newcastle – Don’t buy him if you don’t plan on using him in week 38.  because he doesn’t play against parent club Chelsea.

Jordan Ayew, Swansea – cheap forwards to pair with Auba, Jesus and/or Kane are the big rave these days.  Like skinny jeans with pockets painted on.  I like the opponents from a standpoint of him getting involved on the tally sheet some how.