Another week of formidable FPL play in the books, and yet another straight ole boring plain week.  Boring from the standpoint of that it doesn’t have a double or blank.  Regardless of lack of anything, the strategy to get that ultimate starting XI or team total for 15 for the chip play is still there.  The down home stretch makes or breaks your mini league and the use of the chips is what catches you up or let’s you fall by the wayside.  With the teams known for the double after this week, the teams that don’t double and don’t blank in week 35 are the the thought process this week.  Looking to the double, but beyond it is important.  Having as many assets as possible for that double is ultimate, but what if you leave yourself blowing in the wind for week 35 when 8 teams blank.  Most or some of them are the teams that are being relied upon in week 34’s DGW.  So with United, Chelsea, Bournemouth, Spurs, Brighton, Huddersfield, Leicester and Southampton all minus a fixture in week 35.  Is going all out for the DGW or for playing after a more viable strategy.  I hope by now that you have one, because deciding on the fly will be your downfall. So with week 33 firmly in the visions of all of us let’s look at some of the transfer targets for this week and beyond.  Cheers!

P-E Aubameyang, Arsenal – No blanks and a double way down the line for the Gunners talisman striker who is hot and philanthropic with the PK giving to teammates. Only difficult fixture between now and the World Cup is a match with United. No cup ties either helps him with rotation issues for the Europa’s.  If you can swallow the non-double in week 34 to play for the latter in 37 than you should be right as rain.

Marko Arnautovic, West Ham – I admit I was wrong last week…my bad.

Ben Chilwell, Leicester – Still in love with the Leicester defense for and through the double.  Chilly got the helper last week and the clean.  Sexy Anything Fox for the next three is ok with me.  Choosing the three you are allowed is the hardest part.

Leroy Sane, Man City – the toughest question I get is what to do with City players through the Derby and Spurs matches.  the league should be sewed up by the time they double up later in the schedule, and lesser knows will see action.  so my advice for City players are to transfer out and move far away until the double.  Not so far away that you can’t get back financially though.

Marcos Alonso, Chelsea – Even with the double the 7-plus defender is a tough own right now.  No returns in 7 matches(includes injury) and the other matches and the vulnerability of the Blues defense from a clean sheet perspective is shining through.  Hopefully a match with a lesser club this week will get them back on track.

Matthew Lowton, Burnley – I was buying them slightly a week ago, now am punting the Clarets defense.

Aaron Lennon, Burnley – and instead investing in the advanced options.  Lennon, Barnes and Wood are my targets here.  Barnes and Wood is a pick one scenario with me leaning towards Barnes and now that Gudmundsson is iffy, Lennon looks attractive with assists in back to back affairs.  Playing time is your question?  Six straight starts, all over 70 minutes.  I think he is safe.