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I was going to write the day of the transfer window, but beer and holiday weekend gets in the way of productivity.  So if you have been waiting with baited breathe for the transfer Tuesday news then, well, breath again my friends.  We are now at a what you see is what you get roster situation until the January window.  In between that is a plate full of 18 games that stretch out to the new year.  If you started out blah and haven’t wild-carded yet… what are you waiting for?  Setting up your team for the next four-five games is important and will make or break your attention span of your team from the later part of the year.  Take advantage of the next few days, build the value of your team and get that accumulated value of your team close to 101.5.  Transfer Tuesday is about fun with some views on what’s what so take what I have to say not as scripture but more as a holding your hand as we cross the FPL street.  Happy transferring!  Cheers!

Renato Sanches, Swansea – The 5.0 Pogba….whoa let’s take a pause there.  What I love, besides his price which fits cozily into any line-up as a shot in the dark, is that Paul Clement is like his care-taker.  He has all the skill in the world and is a highly regarded player, just don’t know how much that relates to a fantasy output in the official game.

Mamadou Sakho, Crystal Palace – Is the Palace defence somewhere you want to invest in?  That is the question you need to ask yourself.  DeBoer’s presence on the defence hasn’t shown its mug yet unfortunately and they have some talent there.

Ahmed Hegazi, West Brom – With Gibbs now in the fold and Evans getting back to health, imagine if he gets pushed further up the pitch.  The highest rising price player on defence this year could benefit from a pure defensive scheme with Pulis on the ships wheel.  Getting pushed up the pitch is a boon here not a bad thing.

Grzegorz Krychowiak, West Brom – the defensive middie that Pulis always wanted since he asked for that train set and a defensive middie when he was a we pup at the ripe ole age of 6.  Is every fantasy writers copy/paste superstar right now.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Liverpool  – Where is my LOL emoji.  Pass.

Virgil van Dijk, Southampton – At some point his 5.5 price is going to make a ton of sense. Unfortunately the toes that he stepped on with his attitude won’t sway many owners.  Still an elite defender just without the minutes top show it.

Joe Gomez, Liverpool – As all the attention gets shone on the goal scores for the Reds, the defence has 7 clean sheets in their last 9 premier league games.  Gomez was the cat’s pajamas before he got injured and his price and a needed entry point into the ‘Pool defence fit in nicely.