Unfortunately friends the FPl season has to end.  Even more unfortunate is that crap-fest of a DGW that we just witnessed.  If anything maybe it is a learning lesson for future doubles to come next year.  Leaving your chips on the table til the end make them go stale.  None the less we come down to the last week of games.  i am kinda sad.  What will I do with the countless hours of content typing time that I give on a weekly basis.  Oh, I know.  Jump on over to Fantasy Baseball where I do two posts a week covering saves and steals.  Not into baseball, well come on in and tell me how much you miss me on the FPL side.  It may sound cliche, and probably falling on deaf ears slightly after the output we just received last week, but empting the barrell for the week 38 fixtures and taking a minus or three isn’t a bad way to go down in a blaze of glory.  Only bad thing is that will be the team you stare at through the World Cup and into the start of next year.  Giving you a reminder of the craptastic voyage we all took together on this 7 month journey.  Here is the last transfer helper of the year as week 38 is upon.  Cheers!

Harry Kane, Spurs – Get him off your roster immediately.  What a waste of the the most expensive player.  Countless triple captains were played to the dismal return of one goal and a player that looks down-trodden and broken.  Good luck in the Cup Harry.

Patrick van Aanholt, Crystal Palace – lining up your roster with guys you want to start next year with is a different strategy all together.  Four goals in last 10 matches and gets the relegated Baggies.  Will be one of the people that we bitch about being over-priced to start next year because of his stretch run.  Stupid goals.

Antonio Rudiger, Chelsea – I like guys with vinegar in their veins and he seems to have that little bit of pissed off edge.  Chelsea will be facing the Magpies minus Kenedy.   The mysteries of that family continue to boggle the minds, even fantasy minds.

Leroy Sane, Man City – Fresh of a triple assist affair, and we scratch our heads and rush to bring him to cure the burns of the Raheem no show.  relax, he probably grabs the bench in the Soton affair which sucks.

Xherdan Shaqiri, Stoke – His last game in a Potters jersey.  Make it count Swissy.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Arsenal – Huddersfield just shot their load all over Chelsea and their Champions league aspirations and gained revival into next year’s EPL.  So they are going to be drunk as all get out for the next 48-72 hours.  Arsenal are gonna score, just from who’s foot.

P-E Aubameyang, Arsenal – The world will be bringing him in, be a lemming.

Olivier Giroud, Chelsea – Flashback to last year and Ollie G was the silent but deadly captains choice last year and netted three goals.  Now back in the present Morata is about cooked with Chelsea and he looks like a bag of recycling.  See ya in Italy, quitter.   Giroud on the other hand looks primed for a goal.