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I get it.  I am a realist, the temptations that are flirting with you on the waiver wire or transfer market is a temptious beast.  She will lure you in with promises and form, and leave you disappointed like Alvaro Negredo on a DGW.  That is not the case this week my peeps.  It is thew final stretch.  The set-up before the Tim Horton special, the double-double.  With Arsenal and Southampton doubling in back to back weeks I can see if you don’t have a wildcard at your disposal that all your transfers this week will be in a set-up for that capacity.  But unfortunately there is a week to play before that cluster F rears its ugly head.  So let us attack the week 35 slate before we get ahead of ourselves and stay in the here and now.  Here are some present day transfer ideas for week 35 of the FPL season.  Only 4 more weeks to go and then I go into hibernation.  Cheers!

Fraser Forster, Southampton – I never ever… ever talk about bringing a keeper in.  I feel that it is an awful move in season unless wildcarding.  Well that sort of applies here because many a few are doing just that.  Forster gets five games in the next three weeks, and is a main candidate to be something in the net above most.

Josh King, Bournemouth – If you own him, keep him.  Sunderland and Stoke are on the horizon before the DGW that really matters in week 37.  And even then he has fixtures that lead me to believe that he will be a stud the rest of the way.

Jack Stephens, Southamton – 4 buck defenders are the fantasy panty dropper.  No lie.  Same holds true with what I said about Forster with 5 in 3 stuff.  Discounts allow the stars.

Andrea Ranocchia, Hull – Only play Hull at Home. Period end of Hull debate.  They are the Wijnaldum of teams.

Leroy Sane, Man City – Everyone remember the Now&Later candies.  Well that’s what this move is.  City schedule is coastville the rest of the way after the United fixture today.  The DGW be damned he is useful starting right now.  If I had to make one transfer this week it would be him.

Benik Afobe, Bournemouth – Like I said in the lede, we still have a week to get to the main course.  The cherries are scoring in bunches and Sunderland is letting them just the same.  before you actually WC he is the cheap 3rd striker you want for this week and next.

  1. Cafuné

    Maxi says:

    What a cluster of hot garbage that GW34 was…

    PVA got me 1 pt (with Mawson getting 6 on the bench) by playing 13 min and then sitting yesterday. I captained Zaha, who was on his way to making 4×2 but got a yellow card in the 9fucking7th minute just to add insult to injury…and Eriksen’s goal gave me nothing outta 3 spurs players other than the Lloris CS.

    Currently sitting on 45 with a49-4 because of the Townsend transfer which I liked as a shout but that clearly didn’t work out given the tough fixtures for palace….my only consolation is that I still have Valencia and Herrera to go, so MAAAYBE they can salvage this week vs City. I also would be totally cool with Valencia not playing and just getting the 6 pts from Mawson haha!!

    with all of your suggestions, what do i do with the rotting pile of garbage that is ibra on my bench for GW35? I have 1.1 in the bank, so I could move to any FWD I want, but Afobe, Costa or Aguero is probably where I’m looking. I can only bring in Leroy directly for Alli, but could also get him in my lineup if I take the -4 by getting Ibra’s money off the books. doesn’t seem worth it taking a -4 when there are options at FWD and that money will be better spent in GW 36-38.

    GK: Lloris, Jaku
    DEF: PVA, Valencia, Mawson, Nyom, Holgate
    MF: Towsend, King, Zaha, Herrera, Alli
    FWD: Vardy, Kane, Ibra

    my total team value is 101.0, which won’t buy me tons for my WC, but should be good enough to bring in some stars when paired with all of those discount Southampton players.

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