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I sorta love it when retread guys come back around and become a viable fantasy entity and a must-own.  That is basically what is going on with Jamie Vardy.  Dude is on fire, is an unstoppable force, and I may want to reckon with him from a rostering standpoint.  Who am I kidding, I am definitely rostering him.  I want this guy on my team regardless of fixture right now.  Form is winning out and the 5 goals in his last five speak volumes.  The better part is that he has 7 goals and 2 assists in his last nine, all comps.  So he has basically been in the zone for the better part of six weeks.  His price continues to rise and as it sits right now he is a cool 10.0.  The forward ranks are becoming a bit more puzzling as we enter the home stretch and it becomes more of a decision making process, rather than a “Well I will take the three best guys.  Vardy, in my mind, has entered that Kane, Lukaku, Ibra, Costa and Aguero group.  Which is good for chasing points as it seems that there isn’t a template, knocked on three and it falls on personal preference.  So with that here are some other ideas and tidbits for the FPL Week 32 transfer window.  Cheers!

Divock Origi, Liverpool – The Mane surgery news is a gut punch to most reds fans and especially fantasy supporters of Sadio, but what will Klopp do?  Origi was the immediate sub for Mane in Week 30, and I get that they play different positions, but at his current 6.2 price tag, is he the best buy there for Liverpool?  Firmino is lying in the weeds somewhere and Philippe does his magic show but once a month or there abouts.  So Origi throws his hat into the striker conundrum much like Vardy does.  If you want that second high-priced midfielder to go along with any two of the top 6 forwards, you kinda have to look in Divock’s direction.

Bernard0, Middlesbrough – I wish there was a n easier way to get a Boro defender in there.  The unusalness that has surrounded them via the injury throws a monkey wrench in recommending anyone.  Chambers is due back, Barragan just came back, Fabio looked nailed on and now may be supplanted.  best advice is Bernardo who hasn’t missed a game or less then 80 minutes in 9 games.  This is the DGW move for this week as Boro plays Burnley and Arsenal for their double set.  Looking ahead is never a bad thing.

Maya Yoshida, Southampton – Everyone is looking for a rotational based defender.  he just scored and eventually Soton will double, double.  Which for anyone in the know means they are drinking Tim Horton’s coffee, but let’s suspend belief and just say that he has two games to make up somewhere.

Wilfried Ndidi, Leicester – If you are looking for a Fox option through the middle and don’t trust a newly inserted Albrighton, look at Wilfried.  Don’t stare though he doesn’t like to be stared at and will put some voodoo on you and your clan.

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal – If he wasn’t 9.4, would anyone jump off the fantasy bridge for him?


  1. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    13 team roto dynasty with K/9 holds. maddoning continues screwing around with rondon. just like a few years back when he got yanked from closer role for pitching great. either way, i have these for 7 slots
    who’s my drop? right now if rondon continues to be not used at all (even the sandwich heir is being used ahead of him) it’s him.

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