Everyone has done it, whether by yourself or with your lass, window shopping looks more fun than it actually is.  Until those new shopping items start giving returns on your FPL investment.  With the transfer window now shut, we have an array of new items to lay our filthy little paws on on this quick turn around of a week.  Week 25 just ended and week 26 is in two days.  Hurry, hurry, hurry!  Grab your coupons and your affinity for the new shiny objects.  With only two days in between shopping days for the next game week, the new toys will be front and center, and some more than others. While I can sit here and tell you to resist temptation and avoid the lemming approach to transferring in/outs. It is after all your team and you can do with as you please.  So with the window shut and 13 weeks to go in the season we get down to the brass tax of what we see is what we get as far as player universe stands.  Week 26 transfer ideas are here and they feature a lot of the newer names on the transfer market because that is what is firmly on the tip of everyone’s mind.  Happy transferring and good luck.  Cheers!

Theo Walcott, Everton – Was already getting some decent love pre-week 25 due to the Toffee optimism, or is it more Arsenal supporters turning tail?  Either way netted a brace and is firmly in the mid-priced midfield options now.  If he continues to play as high as he did and with the playmakers around him he will benefit a ton.  Two softer goals this week don’t matter in fantasy.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Arsenal – As of writing this his price is unavailable, but should be in the 10.0 – 10.5 range to start and from the jump that makes him pretty unownable.  Time will tell his worth as the associate to Lacazette up top or the replacement of him instead.

Andre Ayew, West Ham – Buried in west ham, re-emerges in the place that saw him flourish in FPL previously.  Should get some decent burn for the Swans, but I am not so sure that he is a must own, must start option.  You can do better,  go to the mirror and give yourself a hug.

Lucas Moura, Spurs – Where will he fit?  They already have over-priced or not owned options through the midfield in Dele and Hans Christian.  Another named face guy isn’t going to help.  Save your Spurs love cause you only get three for defense when Toby comes back.

Olivier Giroud, Chelsea – Take away Michy and giroud is in a great place.  welp that happened. As Conte has been dying for that actual tree number 9 as Morata is too finesse for him.  Giroud is  an established player and knows how to score goals not only with his head , but with his feet.  If you own Morata anywheres be nervous.

Gerard Deulofeu, Watford – The non-workout warrior returns to the EPl so he can torture us much like Dusan Tadic.  Million dollar talent, 10 cent mentality.  Watford needs a playmaker and Gerry D has shown flashes of brilliance, just don’t expect it too much.

Emerson Palmieri, Chelsea – Bench fodder as an Alonso back-up.  If he goes more than 57 minutes he will be more valuable than Christensen.  Completely reminds me of the 70’s rock group Emerson, Lake and Palmieri already.

Aymeric Laporte, Man City – City’s defense is just straight stupid in terms of money and now talent.  His initial price and start right away is going to make people jump off of Otamendi at his price, save the buck and apply elsewheres.  I don’t blame them if that’s what people want to do.  Money is money.

Guido Carillo, Southampton – Record transfer fees for players on lower level clubs never help with the pressure situation, especially one as dire as a struggling with regulation Saint’s team.  Until Austin returns, if ever, Guido should lead the Halo attack.