It is going to be the talk of all the inter-webs, so I might as well be a joiner in that department.  The injury sit of Sergio led to Gabriel Jesus shining like a lighthouse this past game-week.  Unfortunately the unknowns of basically everything are scary as hell. Will he get another start instead of Kun?  Will he start next to him?  Will he start adjunct of him?  How do we fit his nine million salary into an already compensated for the minimums elsewhere roster?  All are questions that have a valid basis to them.  First, let me start by saying relax, breath, and remember that there was an injury involved here.  Now go look at his 9.0 price tag and say: Is he more valuable then the pieces that need to be shifted around to fit him in?  Third, the blank game weeks upcoming and the soon-there-after double game weeks need to be figured out as well.  Because as it sits right now there are blank concerns for a ton of fantasy assets, let alone someone who just appeared out of no where’s like a magician.  My advice is plain and simple, if you wanna gamble on Jesus, then do so.  I would rather roll with a more staple item that is more proven then one game.  Here are some more transfer related ideas for the quick turn around week for Week 24 in the FPL.  Cheers!

Seamus Coleman, Eveton – How the hell is he the third-highest owned Everton defender?  Got an assist in last week’s set and is a man on fire.  Not the Denzel movie, but literally and figuratively on fire.  Bournemouth, Boro and Sunderland are Everton’s next three and the no-blank in weeks 26 and 28 is a huge reason to make him defender 1-A.

Patrick Van Aanholt, Crystal Palace – What is this stuff,  Palace getting a clean sheet?  Impossible.  The newly transferred in lad may be a knocked on defender in a week’s time with some sexy fixtures upcoming for Palace.

Tom Davies. Everton – Didn’t do anything awesome, just here to remind you that at 4.4 he is a bargain.

Gylfi Sigurdsson, Swansea – I usually don’t like buying in on re-tread, of a re-tread type midfielders.  But his schedule is a mixed bag of fun, but his price makes him be a week in, week out play.  Expect the ups and pray for the downs.  If you wanna switch from Lallana/Antonio types then you have my blessing.

Wilfired Zaha, Crystal Palace – He is back and not going to be any cheaper then he is right now.  He also is going to help the next player I talk about immensely.  The Junior Stanislas play was cute, go with quality instead of lightning striking.

Christian Benteke, Crystal Palace – He is back because of the pieces around him.  Period.  As long as the sum of the parts equal goals for the Belgian I could care less.  Call me crazy but I can see a run of a goal a game for the next 3-4 for the talisman Eagle striker.