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It isn’t a matter or who, it is a matter of how many.  Indulging in a salary cap league is the hardest itch to scratch.  It is almost like you have constant Alopecia rashes and are fiending for a longer stick to scratch your back.  The strain of contention I am basically going over here is the striker combination or combinations.  To me, it is a three-headed beast comprised of Zlatan, Diego, and Aguero.  The latter of the two coming back from their retrospective suspensions and are now on the docket for ownership.  The Aguero one has been gone over dozens of time by hundreds of fantasy experts. he is a must own player who offers what most can not.  The problem now is that the other two, Zlatan and Diego, may be the best bang for your buck combo going.  That is who I am advising you to go with… There is no wrong answer here because we all manage our own teams and have history with such and such a player and go by our own instincts.  But the numbers and form are completely in Costa and Iobra’s favor, over bring in the 12.8 Kun.  Goals in quantity are there and the run of games are in their favor.  So go with the European duo instead of dipping into the warm waters of the South American.  Now that the forwards are out of the way, let’s get to the other musings and stylings of the FPL transfer world.

Adam Lallana, Liverpool – The highest point total by the lowest non-defensive player salary wise.  I think I am starting to fall in love a bit with him and is becoming a must own for his play and savings through the midfield.  You want some stats, okay, stats it is.  Pre-Klopp 31 games: 5 goals and 3 assists.  With Klopp 42 games: 11 goals and 12 assists.  He is his staple player and master contributor.

Virgil Van Dijk, Southampton – He is basically a generic Saint defensive placeholder here.  Grab any or multiple.  Not only are they a top 5 defense already bur check out their run of fixtures until March.  Yes, I said March.  One unfavorable match in the lot.  Don’t trust me go look.

Yohan Cabaye, Crystal Palace – I am still crying over the Benteke PK attempt.  It was awful.  Big Sam is going to look at other takers and this guy get’s my vote if that matters.  Price is cheap and with Zaha leaving for AFCON soon he could get some other offensive love soon. Scored over the weekend and is looking like a favorite Allardyce piece already.

Henrikh Mkhitaryian, Man United – I would be interested if the rent wasn’t so damn high.  Scorpion kick or not 8.9 is a tough pill to swallow.

Michail Antonio, West Ham – Can a guy with 8 goals be any less under-rated.  I mean I don’t get the ownership love (8.9%).  He needs to be owned more period.  I get that he has to use his feet more often to get our trust and all but there is a whole niche part of the film industry for that, why not for soccer.