After the slosh and ragged display that we just witnessed from Week 16 to 17, I am certainly glad for a new week and a fresh start.  Unfortunately for you, me, and the man hiding around the corner, it isn’t a fresh start.  It is only two days and then we are back in the slog again.  Transfers are not only killing my personal team, but I know that it is affecting everyone else. Injured players, rotations, and just awful guess work and play are the ruination of this funny game we play called FPL.  So if today was a normal Tuesday, which it’s not, where would you be looking for values and non-head scratching options?  Well, you look to take advantage of 4-5 teams who look to be the cement of the EPL table.

Those teams being Swansea, Newcastle, West Brom, Palace and West Ham.  All right and good but you just had a team with a great come from behind victory.  One that just clean sheeted Arsenal.  One that clean sheeted Liverpool… and you are left with what?  Newcastle, who fought valiantly over the weekend and have the Gunners at home this week and Swansea.  So by matriculation, we are definitely taking advantage of the Swans here. So sorry Swansea supporters, but Week 18 is the time we walk you through the square and let the Toffees have their way with ya.  Transfer Thursday is live and direct with some ideas, jokes and possibly some good guesses for Week 18, so stay tuned and happy transferring.  Cheers!

Jonjoe Kenny, Everton – We are starting with Everton, because if you didn’t skip the beginning we are picking on the Swans.  The other Jonjoe has started every game since week 9 and we are only really starting to see his ownership blossom.  It is up to a burgeoning 1.8% as of writing and with returns of 11, 5, 2, and 6 in his last 4 it gives reason for inspiration.  His price is squarely around the Burnley and Watford defenders that you have been rostering.  Skip week 19 match against Chelsea and he rotates sexily with Southampton or Palace.

Laurent Koscielny, Arsenal – That’s the reason he has finished the season in the top 10 in scoring for a few years in a row.  Got full BPS and with 4 out of the next 6 favorable he could be that 6.0 defender that fills your stocking.

David Silva, Man City – guessing the right City player to click on the right week is hard enough because they usually do it in multiple.  Coming of a 2 goal affair and four goals in last four it is hard to argue that Silva is almost not part of the rotation stuff.  But Sane sat week 18 and Raheem played so carry the 2 and divide by Pi.  Guessing sucks but you gotta have a City middie in the team picture, just hitting on the right one sucks…oh and they have Spurs, take that equation I just used and take the square root of it.

Riyad Mahrez, Leicester – If he did it for one week sure he would be a passing phrase.  32 points in last 4 and his price is starting to make sense now I think.

Richarlison, Watford – No returns minus this week’s assist in five weeks.  that is not the real concern, now he is injured and Watford look awful with 10 men.  i wish there was a natural salary shift from him to something comparable but Willian is a one game a month guy and Shaqiri still plays for Stoke and can’t be trusted.  Maybe a complete shift down to Lindgard or Albrighton as contrarian plays to Pogba and Mahrez isn’t a bad idea.

Alvaro Morata, Chelsea – I am completely torn on this guy.  Seems like a paper striker and makes Diego Costa look not so awful right now to me.  Shift funds elsewhere because it’s Harry kane and hope and pray at forward right now with injury, rotation and just plain suckery.  The three highest scoring forwards this week were all priced under 7.5.