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Usually with a fast week, decision making, as it comes to transfer ideas, is a rash decision making process.  I am prone to do it.  I make a decision with my mind instead of my heart, and sometimes leave my self short-sighted for the weeks to come.  No matter, because we are still in the mind set of sorta playing for this week, but still thinking about the double dip factor for the 3 teams that double in Week 34.  So with a quick turnaround this week, we jump into the transfer ideas and views of some players that I see that could help both now and later.  So good luck with the 2-3 days off and then right back into the fray of FPL action.  Cheers!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Man United – This may be the most obvious choice, hence why he gets the lede guy of this post.  Back from his two game suspension, and takes on a Everton squad that looks quite the different without Coleman.  A flatter defense and being more vulnerable with them having to play and Ibra having a good bit of rest behind him.  This is a  move for both now and the future as United have Sunderland, Chelsea before the DGW of City and Burnley.  If you don’t own him, you should.  The best move this week hands down.

Wifried Zaha, Crystal Palace – I was on the boat of the Eagles schedule was too tough to try and invest in.  I am still in that corner for an investment in say Sakho, but from an offensive standpoint, his 5.6 price tag and the thrill of owning him is too much to bear.

Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool – Still don’t double the rest of the year and he just had his monthly contribution.  Look elsewhere, even if Mane misses.

Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea – Dreaded rotation and the quick game turn-around could put Willian in this slot, and Iwould still recommend either guy.  Too much contributing to ignore.  Chelsea are a powder keg team that just couldn’t break through against Palace.

Danny Simpson, Leicester – Not here because of the 2 assists, but because of his cheapo entry point into the Fox defense.  Still cheaper then Spurs, and United guys and Leicester get Sunderland this week, then a mish-mash of rotation.  He or a Leicester defender should be in rotation.

Andrew Robertson, Hull – Scored a cracker of a goal and Hull plays the worst scoring team in the Premier at home this week in Middlesbrough.  Hull won’t double the rest of the way but you can capitolize onthe short week with a smart 6-8 pts from a cheeky defender.