Mohamed Salah is the biggest name in FPL right now, and rightfully so! He rocked into the Premier League last season and racked up a ridiculous 32 goals and 12 assists and obviously ended up as the highest scoring player in the official game. The question now is… should you own him this year?


His 44 combined goals (goals + assists) were the most of any player last season, and in recent memory, so of course, you want that player on your team! He also led the league in touches in the opposition box (203) which shows that he is a more consistent threat than any other attacking player in the Premier League last season. Owning an elite player like Salah also offers owners a peace of mind as he failed to pick up points in fantasy just eight times last season. Not only does that consistency make him an easy plug-and-play option, but also makes him one of, if not the best captain choice heading into the start of the season. Liverpool’s starting schedule should help him out as well as they will face three bottom ten defenses in the first five weeks. Add all of that up and you get a player who is a no doubt must own!

Or is he…

Definitely not!

How could you even consider owning Salah this season? Are you crazy?! His £13.0 price tag makes him the most expensive player in the game so even if he finished as the highest scoring player he wouldn’t even be the most valuable. To that point, his record-breaking FPL season in 2017/18? Yeah, that made him just the 6th best value in the official game last year… and he was £2.4 cheaper then! Oh, and all of that is IF he can finish as top scorer again this year, and there’s obviously no guarantee of that. In fact, last year he didn’t even lead the league in expected goals. No, that was Harry Kane. Salah actually finished the year with an xG of 21.67, you know, basically 10 goals fewer than he ended up scoring. Also, the Egyptian’s goal tally last year (32) was more than his previous two seasons combined (29) so the odds that he repeats last years’ performances are, low. Throw in the fact that everyone and their mother will own Salah from the start of the season and you’re looking at one of the worst fantasy investments in recent memory. Add all of that up and you get a player who is a must avoid!

So, as you can see you should definitely buy or avoid Salah in FPL this season.

Seriously though, there are many reasons to be wary of Salah coming into this season. However, if you want to own last year’s best player regardless of price you should, in the words of Swedish pop-rock duo Roxette: Listen to Your Heart.