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Howdy for Week 3 guys!  As much as I love to drivel on and on about the goings-on of all things EPL and my failings as a writer, hurricane preparation and travel plans for the weekend are going to take precedent.  Poor prioritization I know, but for that reason the Captain Tapping is going to be a little shorter this week.

But at the very least, I have to stay accountable.  And true to my word, I’ve fashioned a rather nifty little table using my master excel skills to track my weekly picks. Although if we start seeing too many strikethroughs, I might switch up my methods…

 Period Captain Clear-cut Captain Compelling Captain Chaos
Week 1 Lukaku – 13 points Salah – 11 points Abraham – 2 points
Week 2 Lukaku – 6 points Dele – 2 points Mounie – 1 point

Yikes.  Ok, not much we can do about it now, let’s move on to the picks!

Week 3

Captain Clear-cut: Kevin De Bruyne, Man City

Home or on the road, Man City has a dynamic offense that has looked as explosive as we thought coming into the year. The only issue on this team would be picking a consistent source of points, as Pep’s front line rotations like to keep us guessing.  KDB is the safest pick against a Bournemouth squad that do not look as solid in the back as I originally anticipated.

Captain Compelling: Harry Kane, Tottenham

Although I’d generally consider Kane in the clear-cut category, everyone’s now familiar with Kane’s early season woes. For that reason and specifically because of his matchup at home I’ll go with a Spur for the second week in a row for my compelling captain (and because let’s face it, I need a win!)

Captain Chaos: Etienne Capoue, Watford

The Watford man has played a total of 10 minutes this year…if that doesn’t count as a chaotic captain’s pick I don’t know what does! At home vs a newly promoted team and having scored a goal in those 10 minutes of action should give you confidence to run with this wild card.  Stay safe and dry this weekend guys!