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Welcome to Week 2 of your new favorite fantasy footy analysis, Tapping Your Captain. As a quick, obvious recap, I’ll be suggesting captain’s picks in the official FPL game that you should possibly consider to get a leg (ha, soccer pun!) up on your competitors. I will make those suggestions in categories of obvious, weekly match up based, and subversive hipster pick to make everyone think you know more about soccer than they do.  Guess which category is my favorite?

Before we get into the picks, I’m also going to take a weekly and a cumulative tally of how brilliant or idiotic my picks have been.  What’s good analysis to you if you can’t track how helpful it is anyway? To get a little more specific, I’ll be reviewing picks with specific objectives in mind. For example, I’ll be okay with my Captain Chaos picks varying wildly, so long as every couple of weeks I hit a big winner.  Conversely, my Captain Clear-cut better not throw up too many stinkers.

So with that said, let’s review Week 1.

Captain Clear-cut: Romelo Lukaku, Manchester United – Week 1: 13 points, tied for 3rd overall point scorer

Captain Compelling: Mohamed Salah, Liverpool – Week 1: 11 points, tied for 5th overall point scorer

Captain Chaos: Tammy Abraham, Swansea -Week 1:  2 points, tied for I don’t know, 1800th overall point scorer? You get it. He was bad.

Hey hey, not a bad start! Looks like I might know what I’m talking about a little bit, eh guys? As a general recap, United looked absolutely dominant and portend to be a pretty healthy population for fantasy selection moving forward. As for Salah, Roberto Firmino scored 12 points and a match up vs Watford should tell you a thing or two. But I’ll still take the result.  As far as the chaos pick….we can’t all be winners.  Yeesh Swansea looked bad, miracle they pulled out a road point. On to Week 2 picks!

Captain Clear-cut: Romelo Lukaku, Manchester United

If you’re looking for grand insight or detailed matchup analysis, I’d refer you to my good buddy Smokey or maybe my compelling pick a few inches below.  Lukaku’s rolling, United’s rolling, Swansea looked bad last week.  Good enough for me to stay on the gravy train.

Captain Compelling: Dele Alli, Tottenham Hotspur

What specifically makes this compelling is the matchup wouldn’t customarily be thought of as advantageous. But…did you see Chelsea shipping 3 goals at home to Burnley?  Let’s all take advantage of Chelsea while they are down and revel in their failure while we can!

Captain Chaos: Steve Mounie, Huddersfield

After picking up a brace on the road in the first week, imagine what’s possible at home against fellow promotees Newcastle?  …Are you imagining? I mean, really the only possibility is more goals and/or possibly assists.  But that’s the point!