It feels like the week before black Friday around holiday time.  All these useful pieces staring us in the face and we are firmly looking beyond that to when we can get two for one sales.  So with only 10 shopping days left til the double transferring smart rather than with your gut is the best strategy.  Now that the possibility exists of a Mo Salah injury it throws a monkey wrench in to the best laid plans of FPL men.  Do you stick or twist?  As we wait for the news to come out the rankings here reflect a tentative idea of who will do well this week,  the not so well aren't listed because we are only interested in the cream of the crop.  The Derby weekend is here so get ready for some preemptive double game week love as we jump two feet into game week 33 of the FPL.  Cheers!
Well my friends that time of the year is here.  The time where better judgment and guessing when and how to use your chips.  There is no right/wrong way to use them and anyone who says you are doing it wrong is a doo-doo head.  Tell 'em Smokey said so.  Game week 31 is the elite of the elite, and by elite I mean Liverpool and 7 other teams that are a fantasy cesspool of blah.  But unfortunately you can only use the utensils that are on the table, so we will call them the sorta-magnificent eight.   Eight is also a special number for roster building.  It is the number you should shoot for if you don't have or want to use your chips.  getting to eight non-blanking players allows you to hide injured stars (Aguero and Kane) and one other player that the investment value for your team makes the most sense.  Having three players that don't even take pitch in week 31 isn't the worst thing after burying your investment pieces on the bench.  the answer to that last part is tw f0old.  How much value is someone going to get by fielding 11 players, which is basically 8 because we all will have three liverpool players?  Zero.  the match-ups and teams are not there from a team building to risk using a free-hit and using a wildcard with this lot is just not in the cards.  Keep it simple.  Get to 8 and call it a day.  So here are the best three options of the seven other teams this week.  Liverpool is completely up to your discretion.  Cheers and good luck on transfers.
It’s your sometimes weekly, mostly when I’m not lazy, update for Gameweek 29. If you haven't already prepared for GW31's upcoming slate of 4 games, well then at least spend your next two free transfers towards getting a player or two that might be useful to you from GW31 until you wildcard. If you've already wild carded, then it's best you just ignore bringing in "non-blanking" players this week or the next, as you need to keep your team strong for the Double Game Weeks coming up shortly after. The two scheduled DGWs are where huge point hauls and mini-league swings can happen, as opposed to a short-slated GW31. Don't despair if you've fallen behind, as the most exciting part of the FPL season is nearly upon us!
Welcome to the world of mid-February Fantasy Premier League decisionmaking. Should it be any different than it’s been all year? Well, that depends. If you have been dragging ass and dropping red arrow after red arrow without any hope in sight, well than yeah, it’s time to be bold. If you are absoulely demolishing your mini-league(s), then stay the course and bring in quality transfers and captain the smartest choice possible each and every week. At the end of the day, your weekly captaincy choice does play a huge difference in your weekly status, but nailing the pick each and every week isn’t as big of a deal as picking the right players and having them serve up consistent point totals over the length of the season. Anyway, here are my captain picks for GW 28.
Another week, another Champions league conundrum weighing over our ranking/transfer heads.  Have no fear though, as this is the end of UCL for a few weeks so we can now get down to brass tacks.  The FPL money is made with getting the right captain right, and getting lucky with your front 6,7, or even 8.  We all can't be lucky every week that all our players strike gold and find the net, but it would be nice and fantastic if they did.  The December slate is a tough one to gauge for some middling teams and we can start to see what fixtures are ripe for the picking as we set up for the first DGW in Week 22.  Stay in the here and now though and use those transfers wisely, taking a -4 isn't the end of the world if it is a move for a differential.  Don't chase points on the most transferred in guys...stay the course basically.  To help you with your course here are the week 16 FPL rankings for Forwards and Midfielders.  Cheers!

GW 15 Highest Scoring Forwards

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, etc  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Firmino, LIV 1 1 3 BP 12/15/67
Calvert-Lewin, EVE 1 1 3 BP 12/19/50
Morata, CHE 1 2 BP 8/11/83
Austin, SOU 1 1 BP 7/21/36
Diouf, STK 1 1 BP 7/9/54
Lacazette, ARS 1 6/13/64
Murray, BHA 1 6/9/44
Gayle, NEW 1 6/8/25
Bony, SWA 1 6/9/17
Rooney, EVE 1 1 CS 5/20/62
Crouch, STK 1 5/8/31
Jesus, MCI 1 1 YC 3/12/74
  • Firmino is a troll.
  • Morata will be returning quite regularly - although maybe not huge hauls - with Hazard looking like he's rounding into top form.
  • The two forwards already mentioned are the only ones with likeable fixtures from the bunch. I'm probably not playing a third forward for a while and try to get prolific scoring from my midfield and defense.

GW 15 Highest Scoring Midfielders

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Coutinho, LIV 1 3 2 BP 18/20/63
Hazard, CHE 2 3 BP 15/24/68
Lingard, MUN 2 3 BP 15/27/43
Fraser, BOU 1 3 BP 10/11/19
Sigurdsson, EVE 1 1 BP, 1 CS 9/21/47
David Silva, MCI 1 2 BP 9/11/78
Gray, LEI 1 1 CS 8/10/37
Can, LIV 1 1 BP 8/13/36
Allen, STK 1 3 BP 8/12/36
Shaqiri, STK 1 2 BP, 1 YC 8/19/69
Eriksen, TOT 1 3 BP 8/12/77
Surman, BOU 1 2 BP 7/12/57
Son, TOT 1 7/10/44
Ramsey, ARS 1 1 BP 6/22/79
Mahrez, LEI 1 1 CS 6/17/75
Salah, LIV 1 5/25/113
Martial, MUN 1 5/16/63
Pogba, MUN 2 1 RC 5/13/56
Dembélé, TOT 3 BP 5/8/20
De Bruyne, MCI 1 1 YC 4/19/91
Redmond, SOU 1 4/6/37
Cleverly, WAT 1 4/9/46
  • Sigurdsson has now returned in 4 straight matches, totaling 2 goals and 2 assists for 8/7/5/9 for 29 points after not having a single return through the first 11 weeks.
  • Shaqiri's last 6 matches: 5/13/5/9/2/8 for a total of 42 points (3 goals and 2 assists).
  • Hazard is flying high again and I'm slightly ina  bind to bring him in with 3 Chelsea assets. If you can get him, do so.
  • "Pogba is the most important attacking player on Manchester United, and while I know Jose Mourinho will need him for every match, you have to think his biggest concern will be to keep him healthy until Champions league enters the knockout stages (these fall between GW 27-28 and GW 29-31. Pogba absolutely has great value while priced at £8.0m, as he remains cheaper than any of the big Man City MFs and will definitely feast against poor defensive teams; just be warned he might not always go the full 90 as Mourinho will very carefully manage his overall fitness." - myself 2 weeks ago.
    • Well, he's definitely getting his fitness managed. Out with a 3 game suspension until December 23rd from a redcard from stamping down on Hector Bellerín. Sell and upgrade to Hazard, or maybe speculatively add Jesse Lingard. He's played 87 and 75 minutes over the last two weeks, the most in back to back matches he's had all season. Oh, Could be a sneaky play to fill in for Pogba at £5.8m. After they play home to city, ManU are home to Bournemouth and away to West Brom. Great punt.
  • Will Hughes is hurt! Bummer, I'll only be looking to add him once he's played a full 90. Doucoré looked dangerous versus Spurs, I'd add him if you need a cheap £5.4m. GW16 Watford faces away to Burnley, followed by Crystal Palace (A), Huddersfield (H), Brighton (A), Leicester (H) and Swansea (H) to end 2017.
  • Eriksen got a return. I'd still sell there and get some Hazard.
The FPL season grows up so fast.  We still remember the courting process in the preseason when it's: mom looked so good and was all good with her... feet.  Now that we are past the adolescent phase and they are basically thinking for themselves, we need to process the going's on in the transfer universe.  Lot's of stick or twist options.  Callum Wilson or Niasse?  The Pep news about using both Aguero and Jesus together as a conjoined twin of fantasy goodness.  A lot has happened in the four day span from game start to today.  Everyone has great ideas of how to rear a child,  I mean, it is so prominent in the news now.  So now I am flipping it and half-reversing it into a useful FPL standpoint for all of us to get to know.  So pull up another chair to the adult table as your FPL team is all grown up and ready to roll.  Here are the week 13 transfer takes and fakes for FPL.  Cheers!