It feels like the week before black Friday around holiday time.  All these useful pieces staring us in the face and we are firmly looking beyond that to when we can get two for one sales.  So with only 10 shopping days left til the double transferring smart rather than with your gut is the best strategy.  Now that the possibility exists of a Mo Salah injury it throws a monkey wrench in to the best laid plans of FPL men.  Do you stick or twist?  As we wait for the news to come out the rankings here reflect a tentative idea of who will do well this week,  the not so well aren't listed because we are only interested in the cream of the crop.  The Derby weekend is here so get ready for some preemptive double game week love as we jump two feet into game week 33 of the FPL.  Cheers!
As good as the offensive big wigs look this week, and we will get to them tomorrow.  The stoutest of the stout, the purveyors of the clean, the dukes of denial are looking very good this week.  As I stated yesterday the cream is definitely separating themselves from the rest of the field and that doesn't change on the defensive end of the ball either.  With great match-ups on paper for the better defensive teams, like City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and United the rankings this week will be littered with the likes of those teams integral players.  Better teams better chances for CS results as a probability scale dictates usually.  Don't get me wrong gambling is good when you don't have the funds to be a defensive laden team with assets from the top 6 team all at your disposal.  This unfortunately isn't the case in salary capped leagues where funds become limited, so i will mix in some of my favorite low investment players into the rankings here and there, but for the most part it takes money to earn the CS points this week.  Here are the week 24 FPL keeps and defender rankings.  Good luck and Cheers!
are more of the subtle yet deadly variety.  Why?  Because of the elite fixture that lies ahead this weekend between Liverpool and City.  It is tough to have tons of faith in two teams that are both FPL stalwarts like they are.  They basically neutralize each other on both ends of the pitch.  Liverpool has the best home defense is the league, and City just score anywhere.  City are a top 5 defensive team on the road and Liverpool score more at home.  It is like one hand washing the other this week.  All are still startable options this week as the money, ownership and transfer fees associated with making a one week move based on match-up just doesn't make too much sense to this guy.  So be heady this week, don't compound the DGW fiasco from last game week and make it worse and bury yourself further down the well.  So happy transferring this week and enjoy the next two weeks of transfer rumors.  Here are the week 23 rankings for the FPL. Cheers!
We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called “Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em”.  You should know the drill, but if you don’t, we pick one option from each position.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  It is more based on my feelings and gut approach for the week’s upcoming and changes from week-to-week.  I look at match-ups and form to formulate my craziness.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Fantasy Premier League Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em, Week 14, and we have one hell of a first fixture, a legendary midweek derby!
With a two day turn around in between fixtures this week, it all leads to one thing: Bad decisions.  The time between games leads to rash decisions and remembering too much of what just happened.  It doesn't allow for news to sink in.  It doesn't allow for 2-3 drunk nights staring at the computer second-guessing the drunk transfer conundrums that are blurry right in front of our face on your FPL device of choice.  We all just saw the week that was and the thing that sticks out most to me is the amount of goals scored this past week compared to two weeks ago.  For those of you at home calculating, it was 22-32 respectively.  Ten goals is a good hump to get over with, while the scores this week for most are average to acceptable, it wasn't that far off that people were braggadocios about a triple-digit week.  This game is about patience, until there is no more time to be patient. So exhibit as much of that trait this week before doing something stupid, drunk dialing your transfers in, and if you can help it, rest on your transfer laurels and bank it up.   For those needing a seeing-eye dog approach to transfers for the truncated week, here are the transfer ideas and targets for week 14 of the FPL.

Away: Manchester City (1) - Home: Chelsea (0)

The marquee match played at Stamford Bridge on Saturday felt like an away game for Chelsea, as Man City came out relentless from the start pressuring up top and pushing Chelsea back. Chelsea never looked comfortable playing out of the back, and Man City dominated early and often. Alvaro Morata picked up a hamstring injury in the 34th minute, and was replaced by Willian who saw little opportunity to attack alongside Eden Hazard.
I was half waiting for all midweek competitions to be completed, half completely wrapped up in my own life of jet setting.  The third half is currently here typing this weeks rankings for all y'all.   So with the midweek fixtures that I mentioned, teams like Man United, Leicester, Spurs, Southampton, Arsenal, Man City teams starting XI all come into question. The poor Hammers were already bounced, so sad. Add in the fact that we patiently wait for fitness info on some in game niggles and injuries.  So by taking all that in and now factoring it into this weeks FPL match-ups, we have a big ole conundrum of fantasy proportion.  Now I would normally just go with my gut and list the usual starting XI as they should appear, but that is laziness and I am way better than that.  So sit back, relax, find a comfy porcelain place that you do all your fantasy research and enjoy the Week 5 rankings for all positions.  BTW, this is your reminder that there is a Friday game so rosters lock at 1400 PM EST.
International duty, or doodie if you have a three-year-old's sense of humor like me, is going to make some of the rankings this week a bit fun.  Yeah, I will use fun because it's really not going to be because speculating on stuff only makes me look bad and invites you to point the finger of your choosing at me. The news on Antonio Valencia and other South American based players returning on time for Saturday? Sunday duty is sketchy to say the least.  So if you own or have any inklings of going that route with your roster, I would strongly encourage you to look elsewheres.  So with that, we get into the clean sheet crapshoot purveyors, the defenders of both the box and goal line and like any game played it is tied to both luck and skill... unfortunately.  It is still a little early to completely rely on form of fixture, and I would still use my gut on the form thing.  If it look's like a duck and doesn't score like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  So keep that in mind as there are some interesting clean sheet options this week with Arsenal, Chelsea, and West Ham looking like stronger clean options, but others still exist like Burnley.  So good luck this week, Cheers!
Just when things start to get rolling and we are just learning to tie our FPL shoelaces, the international break comes along.  Brace yourselves, I am going to use that same joke in three more weeks, because there's another one coming.  I always say things come better as twins, think about that for a minute and answer it yourself to prove me right.  The big debate I have been reading on the webs is: when is it the perfect time to use the first wildcard?  Here's the best advice I or anyone can give you...  It is your team, do with it whatever you want, there are no wrong answers when the thing is yours.  So with the jokes and the wildcard thing implanted in your head, let's all keep our fingers crossed for a clean bill of health for all our transfer targets.  Because nothing ruins your raisin bran cereal more then reading that Diego Costa pulled an ear lobe and won't be around for ya.  So we start the Week 4 barrage with the usual transfer ideas and dreams I have concocted.  Cheers!