Both the start to the Prem and the first game week of the FPL season are an occasion perfectly constructed for both endless optimism and gut wrenching nerves. The constant tinkering prior to the season’s beginning seems tireless and never-ending, and does not satisfy nor provide resounding confidence in predicting what has yet to come in the upcoming 38 weeks. Please, blog, may I have some more?

The week one flow needs to chill a day.  Hence why we are here on a glorious Tuesday talking about the beautiful, official games.  Sitting a day and reading the news and injury reports... and maybe watch as many of the games as possible is the key.  Don't look at what just happened and chase points.  Yes, there are some guys that you should add immediately.  That impulse is the reason you should chill.  We just saw what they did, are they going to give the same double-digit return that they just did?  Will all the forwards from last week not score more than 8 points?  The answer to both of those questions is a resounding no.  But that doesn't mean you should make snap decisions and go to an all out defense and punt on the guys up top.  Yes, the value for defenders per point return is almost 25% better than the priciest forwards but the CS is a tempestuous beast that lures you in with chocolates and roses, then stands you up on Valentine's day.  Stay the course, as we are literally 2.5% of the way into the season .  If you are trailing already, good, you probably should be.  Not every decision everyone makes will be prosperous every week.  So if you are need of a change for price rise reasons, by all means act on it.  If you aren't we still have a international break in three weeks and banking the transfer to give yourself another week of +fixtures and stats could lead you to a better idea for a mini wildcard in a few weeks.  Patience wins the race, but don't miss the obvious.  Here are some of my own transfer ideas and views from what I noticed over the weekend.  Cheers!
In case the post-World Cup malaise had you down, we have gallantly returned to welcome y'all back to a fresh, new and exciting season of Razzball soccer. Like any other year, the EPL season will welcome three new teams to the ranks of the prem after saying adios to three definitive losers: Wolverhampton Wanderes, Cardiff City and Fulham have climbed the ranks of the EFL Championship to join the big boys at the top of the English footballing pyramid. Below are some quick numbers to give you a quick look of how each team did in the EFL last year: