What just happened?  Did I get on some weird mystery machine that went back in time to when useless goals were all the rage?  What's next, Sam Allardyce will be back managing a scuppering club too I bet.... oh wait.  So Week 14 came and went and the prominent highlights were people we don't own and rotations that only lasted 70 minutes. Chelsea, Liverpool, and to some degree, Man City pulled the ookey-dokey on us this week in the rushed schedule which saw Mo Salah, Eden hazard, and basically prove that Pep is a liar with not wanting to play Aguero/Jesus together all happen. I usually err on the side of caution when it comes to transfers and bringing people in with rotation risks, but the first two names I mentioned are the easy solution.  The City thing is fairly visible that it will be sane to come in for one of Aguero or Jesus.   Other than that, I am on tilt with the returns of some teams, Arsenal scored 5 versus a down-trodden Terrier squad and the rest of the EPL basically is what we think they are.  I am skimming not wanting to get into a long diatribe about every team in the Premier as it relates to fantasy all in the warm up, you gotta stick around til after the bump for some transfer ideas.  If I put out on the first date what kind of expert would I be.  A bad slutty one!  So now that the wooing process is over stick around for some transfer goodies for the FPL Week 15.  Cheers!
Another week, another Champions league worry fest.  Also another one off week where the schedule flips into an International break abyss and we are left to stare and think about our rosters for far too long.  Causing angst and transfer tremors of epic proportions. Fear not though as it is only Thursday and the day after the UCL games and the day of the Europa's where we see two more EPl team pit their metals against foreign hordes.  It does but it doesn't affect the Premier League because who knows what will happen until after the games happen.  Guessing is for the noobs, we here at Razzbol are the experts.  Self proclaimed experts of course.  So with week 11 on the docket officially now we can look at the games to come, where almost every team that makes fantasy gravy gets it's feet wet on the Sunday slate.  But stars don't win championships, it's the differentials that do.  So buck up and transfer wisely as we are thumbs, balls and minds deep into week 11.  here are the rankings for keepers and Defenders fro week 11.  Cheers!
Now that the Champions League is finished for the week we can jump back on the FPL wagon and take a look at the match-ups that are more pressing in the official game.   Unfortunately rotations are going to be a major factor.  That and the injury to Paul Pogba.  His ownership is too much to look beyond.  My advice for him is this.  If you have owned him from week one then you can bench for the 2 weeks he most likely misses and not lose anything to your accrued team value.  If you only just bought him in the past 2 weeks then you can transfer out and look for some kind of reprieve for fantasy points.  But back to the rotation risks.  All of Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Everton are all at risk and the rankings will shy away from a few players that either played full 90's or that didn't see the pitch as much.  So be heady and keep your ear to the gossip for who will sit and who will play before making a atransfer this week in a trivial yet pivotal game week 5.  Enjoy the rankings and good luck.  Cheers!
So we attack the long first break of the year with some Week 4 goodies. As we all know, the basis of any good team is a good defense.  Without it, the goal would just be pummeled with shots and no goalie to stop them, making the score infinite.  That for the sake of all that is holy doesn't actually happen, so much like reality, fantasy has to have keepers and defense.  they round out every nutritious fantasy breakfast, and if played right can be more prosperous than some striker combinations.  For the sake of this week's match-ups though, the teams with some normal fantasy usefulness are turned into just fodder.  I am staring glaringly obviously at the City/Liverpool match which kicks of this week's action bright an early on Saturday morning.  So to start the week yesterday was Transfer ideas and targets and now come the cavalcade of rankings for your viewing pleasure.  Cheers!
Titles are the window to the articles soul.  So unless you are incapable of seeing an actual soul it is fairly cut and dry here.  Every week I look at the match-up, form and ownership of players, mix that with some common sense and a sprinkle of my own general "expertedness" and formulate a ranking system for you to use at home to help you build your FPL team from a week-to-week basis.  Sounds pretty simple, I mean the hardest thing you have to do is argue with them and actually read it.  So without further hullabaloo, here are the Week 3 rankings for the FPL, keepers and defense!
Thank the goodness of all that is holy.  We have a full week, and guess what?  The DGW fixtures have been released.  This doesn't affect the rankings for Week 31.  It does make you transfer differently however, unless you still have your wildcard in your pocket, then it really only matters for planning for the second double.  Planning ahead is all the roar amongst millennials now.  As is wearing pants below the normal socially allowable height and driving on the whole.  Don't know which is worse and more offensive to my eyes.  We all have our demons though, and mine currently is ranking the keepers and defenders for this upcoming week.  In 24 hours, it will then change form and move up the pitch to be completely consumed with the middies and strikers.  But for now, let's just stay on course and figure out who ranks where in the eternal struggle for CS goodness.  So enjoy the finally expanded, after it seemed like forever with limited options, keepers and defense rankings for Week 31 of the FPL.  Cheers!
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend! Step inside, step inside.  Well, it ends in 22 weeks, but that is a whole lifetime away it seems, especially with the beautiful string of nice weather going down in my neck of nape. So like every other Wednesday, we start with the back-enders.  The clean sheet OCD'ers.  To put it bluntly, if they don't keep a clean sheet, they better score.  Goalies on the other foot, never do anything but stand there with goofy gloves on that smell like feet.  Seriously, they smell like feet.  Go ask your local club keeper to sniff his gloves.  If he doesn't tell you to go screw, I bet he lets ya.  Let me know how the results work... I already know.  This week brings on some fixtures with some sneakiness.  Not extra sneaky but some that could be viewed by some (not me) as no-brainer CS options.  Yeah, I am really staring at the BOU vs. Baggie, Swansea vs. West Ham, and Chelsea vs. Sunderland fixtures.  They, to me, seem like a huge trap that Admiral Akbar warned you about.  My general advice this week is go with your gut.  I think the Baggies have a great upcoming set, and Chelsea are dead to me. Add in the Arsenal and City match, and the defense is a muddled up mess of mediocrity.  So enjoy the first installment of the Week 17 Rankings.  Cheers!
Usually these intro-things write themselves. Usually there's a top performer from the week that calls for an intro to the review, a standout so to speak. BTW using so to speak at the end of sentences boosts your perceived intelligence by at least 15 IQ points, but no matter. You're here to learn of the happenings in Matchday 12 of fantasy footie, and not about how to trick people into thinking you're smart. Think of it as a two for one, you come here for the FPL gems, and leave with life lessons to boot. So really what changed here in week 12? To put it bluntly.....NOTHING. Chelsea still finds new and more baffling ways to lose, Jamie Vardy is a goal machine that could only be stopped by a team of aliens that practice witchcraft, and Jesse Lingard is a blossoming superstar of the highest degree. So maybe that last part is new and completely false, but I wanted to make sure you were still paying attention. So snap out of your coma, stop worrying about that growth behind your ear, and tune into some Fantasy Premier League goodness. Here's what I saw in Week 12.....
When you walk into a club, any club we don't care what side of the line you are on here at Razzbol FC, the first thing you do is check the surroundings.  You don't just walk in and take the first place available. Nope you must take it all in.  That is my motto that I am embossing on all my t-shirts for the keeper and defence of things for fantasy footie.  Because once you're in there you need to find out who is the guy going to keep you out of trouble, and who are the girls who are going to be your safety net.  They all can't be winners, hell even some Razzball writers on the oft chance occasionally get laid and procreate.  They are not unlike most people in the industry...trolls is a good word.  Me and Ralph handsome as all get out, that's why we are the face of this store front. So this week is fairly similar to last, several evenly contested matches, and the likelihood of clean-sheetedness is as about as good as hanging with fantasy insiders and not actually talking about anything but fantasy inside stuff.  Lame is the best way to describe it, captains of our industry my eye. More like captains of the AV club.  Anyway rant over, rankings ahead, so hoist the sails, put on some Chaka Khan and lets get down tonight or day (Stupid time zones).
After two match weeks worth of lists we're back with our full fledged rankings. Be honest, you missed these. You missed them like the deserts miss the rain, or the way club kids of the early 90's hear that song and miss their youth. Remember ecstasy isn't just a drug, it's a feeling. But that's all besides the point. So what is the point? Well, the point is the rankings are back and we're kicking them off with the backbone of the starting 11, the keeper. I could sit here and type 100 words about why keepers are important and all types of boring stuff but instead I'll just say this, CLEAN SHEETS RULE EVERYTHING AROUND ME. SCREAM get the money, Leicester - Sunderland Y'all?