A season ago Manchester City marched to the title, scoring a record number of goals en route to setting records for both wins and points. It was no surprise that at season's end they boasted the top four (4!) players in assists - KDB, Sterling, Sane and Silva - and the top three players in  fantasy assists (Silva's 11 assists in real life was also his total in FPL, dropping him behind four others). Midfield, it seemed, was not where City needed to strengthen. But then they went and signed Riyad Mahrez for a lot of chedder, or squids; really the foodstuff of your choice. In bulk.
Doubles rule the FPL world, just like O'Doyle rules the Billy Madison world.  We are here at the ultimate in fantasy weeks, the last double of the year.  Last chance to but through that ton score threshold and capitalize on those chip (whichever you are using).  With 12 teams doubling up it gives us some tough decisions transfer wise.  Who do we use in the forward  position/  How many single game week players do I trust?  If one or two, whom?   All tough questions because there are so many great in form single game week players, but two is still greater than one and 180 minutes trumps 90.  So transfer wisely when it comes to committing to single game week guys, no more than 2 should be gracing your entire roster and one of them is the back-up keeper.  This week's rankings much like other double game week affairs will be littered with twice the flavor for my love towards weekly returns.  So if you are torn between one guy or the other use my rankings to steer you to the promised land of fantasy points.  Enjoy the week's games and I'll see ya tomorrow with the start's and sit's.  Cheers!
Pull up a stool, first round is on me.  Welp folks go to the chicken coop, grab all the eggs and throw them in the week 26 DGW basket,  Chasing, points, leading or just having a snare of a season, it all shouldn't matter.  This is the funnest time of the year.  everyone scrambling around to get as many viable double asset players as possible into their rosters.  You should be no different. The point hits are out the window for the chipless folks.  Get the triple captain or BB fired up.  I kinda feel like Vince Lombardi right now trying to motivate the troops for fantasy battle.  If you googled fantasy battle and were looking for the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy advice column, thanks for stopping by.  With tons of teams playing a double this week and all of them with awesome differentials and price dumps building a roster this week via either a points hit or chip is going to be a fun ordeal. So do your research, play the price changes game and strap on.  It is going to be a fun ride for the next 10 days of build up and than games.  Here are the transfer ideas for DGW 36.  Cheers!
Week 36 comes rolling in the fantasy door like a kitten with soundproof shoes on.  Seriously it is so quiet in here and the noise is all surrounding the 2 goals that were conceded in another tournament that really don't matter until Liverpool give up 3 more.  Run-on sentences are fun, especially when the point you wanna prove falls on deaf 'Pudlian ears.  So moving on in the museum tour of rankings for the FPL week 36.  This is a severe set-up week, almost like an awful blind date setup by someone who doesn't really know your personality.  You appreciate the fixtures but don't really ever plan to call or text or use this people again because you are dating twins next week.  Twins!  And not of the Minnesota variety.  I always forget that not all the baseball jokes transfer correctly, but if you are into that sorta thing click on the baseball thing on monday's and Friday's as I continue my journey to the middle of popularity there.   So transfer wisely this week, only bring in players that have a double next week.  I mean it don't be stupid.  Cheers!
Everyone remember that old Nintendo game, Double Dribble.  Well that is what the FPL is offering up this week the Doubles that are causing us to all dribble with drool.  The options are abundant, and set up nicely for chips...granted you have set yourself up that way. Rankings for double game weeks are fairly easy and I will explain my thinking on this process.  If a double game week player plays the minimum amount of minutes and gets the basic 2 point return (no clean sheet, no cards etc) he will get two games of that for a total of 4 points.  Stupid math explanations are awful i reading but stay with me.  The single gameweek player will get only 2 pints for just minimal returns in his single match.  So from a gambling standpoint would you rather have a player who plays two games to actually give you fantasy returns as compared to just one?  the answer is only the two match player.  The further you get down in the rankings the better the return odds for the star players but for the most part the two match player always wins.  it's like old maid but with football boots and kits instead.  So here are the FPl rankings for matchweek 34, the week we have been pining for since we started to know that doubles existed.  Good luck and happy chipping and transferring. Cheers!
It feels like the week before black Friday around holiday time.  All these useful pieces staring us in the face and we are firmly looking beyond that to when we can get two for one sales.  So with only 10 shopping days left til the double transferring smart rather than with your gut is the best strategy.  Now that the possibility exists of a Mo Salah injury it throws a monkey wrench in to the best laid plans of FPL men.  Do you stick or twist?  As we wait for the news to come out the rankings here reflect a tentative idea of who will do well this week,  the not so well aren't listed because we are only interested in the cream of the crop.  The Derby weekend is here so get ready for some preemptive double game week love as we jump two feet into game week 33 of the FPL.  Cheers!
Welcome back several friends and the guy who doesn't take no for an answer.  The FPl is back this week with fervert news and scheduling...finally, for the DGW. We all knew it was coming, but were a little leery on the who's and where's.  No worry here we are three weeks before the double in full set-up mode.  Whether you are using your assortment of alloted transfers every week, or using those valuable chips that you have been hoarding like that guy on Hoarding.  It makes sense just a slice bit redundant.   So this week you are either setting up for the DGW or you are setting up for the DGW, theres zero in between ground.  the double teams for week 34 are Burnley, Chelsea, Leicester, Bournemouth, Brighton, Man United, Spurs and Southampton. I know that you knew them already but healthy reminders are the preemptive set-up to the whole entire writing thing.  The best thing about this week in comparison to the last double week is that there are actually more than one team with reliable FPL options that we can bank on.  Also, just because the DGW is in three weeks the next week thereafter is a blank week for a few teams than that is followed up to game weeks later by another blank. Cafune went over strategy yesterday, so now we are firmly entrenched in week 32 transfers.  So sit back relax, grab some cool ranch Doritos and listen up.  Cheers!
Similar to taking a piss straight into a headwind, there is futility in guessing which player will rise above the rest week-in and week-out. Rankings are damn near impossible to completely nail, and the top four forwards from GW29 were no exception: Aubameyang, Tosun, Deeney and King (aka Aubametosu and The Deeney Kings). Of them, Aubayameng was the highest owned at 4.4%. That's the type of odds FPL stacks you against in any given week, and these rankings are based as much on fixtures as they are gut feel. Week 30 ends our sense of normal that we've mostly had since the Christmas fixtures, and if you've been following along at home then you've heard of FPL's upcoming booze snooze on St. Paddy's Day, which will provide us a wee-smattering of Premier Leauge with just 4 fixtures. Now week 30's rankings do not factor in the blank, but it should be taken into consideration for transfer purposes as we focus on finding players that shore up a hole for this week and the following. Try looking at a cheap starter that could help shift funds in GW 31 to your missing higher priced item from Liverpool or Everton. Taking a chance on a lesser-owned, cheaper asset with starting credentials in GW31 carries an automatic 2 point "bonus" points you otherwise wouldn't have. So go get some free FPL currency and cheers!
The Ides of March are coming! It's a reckoning for all those who will show a steely resolve and pick only the finest captain choices, and all others who will fail in their pursuit of FPL glory. At the end of the day, your weekly captaincy choice does play a huge difference in your weekly status. Nailing the pick each and every week would be splendid, but the reality is you're not gonna get it every time, so just trust your gut when picking the right players and hope for some consistent point doublings over the length of the season. Here are zee captain picks for GW 29:

Oh the weather outside is FPL frightful. Dum, de dum delightful. The weather is definitely a blind pimple on the face of the FPL heading into this weekend’s slate of fixtures. Hell it is going to affect today’s Arsenal/City clash.  So if and a big if that they do play rankings are the pivot point to a transfer strategy.  Please, blog, may I have some more?