The whole hub-bub this week will be to take a minus or not. I don't care what other research of quadratic jargon that you peruse on a daily basis, that is the only question that matters. The quick answer here is do what you think is right by your team in setting yourself up to compete in Week 29. That is the more important question. This week is basically a wash and everyone, and I mean everyone is either working at a disadvantage to get a starting XI, or will take a minus to get there. The run out is more important than a four game slate that features a less then attractive depth solution to this week's problem. Get your team to 9 and then if you want 10 at a minus 4, go for it. If not, relax, be on top of your team for Week 29 so you can bring in Kane or Costa. You can think about midfield with Hazard and Sanchez and defensively you should be all set and gambling with the guys who get you through Week 28 until you are ready to wildcard. I am no genius in this, it is all common sense. Don't play follow the leader, play the I own my own FPL team game. Here are the sexy rankings for Week 28. Cheers!
Last week's sort of impromptu DGW by City and Stoke basically trashed the best laid plans of men. So this week with only four fixtures on the slate, it opens up the question of: Is it better to take a minus to roster a full team or just get the bare minimum and go at it as a unit of ten (or less)? The prospects of clean sheets eliminates the chase for defensive points, and with the amount of usable talent remaining on some of the other teams, maybe taking a minus in the full squad department isn't such a bad idea. Taking minus to get yourself a full squad is not my recommendation, because there will be more teams in your predicament then not. So rest on your rostered laurels, make the minimum transfers you need to get yourself to a roster of nine or greater, and then attack Week 29 like it's a brand new day. For those who are not in the same mind set here are some transfer ideas for the limited slate of Week 28. Cheers!
Well, the result that we all were waiting for, City over Huddersfield, now adds to an already strategic plan onto an already over-strategized plan. So the transfer ideas this week are all City front six players, and stay away from the defense because they aren't the most stoic bunch of clean sheet artists. Or you can go with the cost savings group and invest in Stoke players who also double thanks to the City victory yesterday. Regardless of what you do to your team, taking a minus this week on players that double up is a good idea because even if they get bare minimum returns of two points, you break even just on minutes played. The payoff is if the actually do anything or actually play. So with the DGW in mind here are the rankings for Week 27 in the FPL. Cheers!
I know it's Tuesday, but my first piece of advice is to wait til the City/Huddersfield match on Wednesday to make a transfer this week. A day early worth of knowledge is never a bad thing, hell a thank you wouldn't be awful now and again. The transfer market hinges on one replay game, as pathetic as it sounds, two-thirds of the way through the season we wait to see what happens in an FA Cup game. Why do we wait? Because it basically is going to set up everything from now until the DGW that are being scheduled for the future. Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling and KDB become relevant again because two games in one week is better then one I am told. Unfortunately they blank the week after with a win so that throws a funny hat on the idea, but it is still worth it to get a City player in if they do indeed win. So hold your horses or wagons or whatever colloquialism that may suit your fancy. So if City is the recipient of a DGW in Week 27, then all transfers are in that direction. But just in case for the curious of mind, I decided to give you some different options to look at rostering for the upcoming week fixtures. Cheers!
This is the first reminder that lineups lock on Friday.  So now that you have looked to make sure I am not tripping face and actually am spitting truth.   How did everyone do with their week one results?  I personally got a tiny bit screwed, but such is life.  This fantasy season is a marathon not a sprint.  So points to be made up every week.  It is way too early to panic and jump in and use your wildcard, I would much rather advise you to take a -4 this week and get the pieces in your line-up that you covet.  One thing to also remember is that since the season is still young the fixtures and the teams may not be the way we assume so be smart with your transfers and think longer term then just this week.  Here are the week 2 FPL rankings.
The second phase of our weekly ranking experiment and the controversy of our rankings which weren't premeditated in anyway rages on.  Three separate minds, all warped, yet sharp in their own special way.  Or that's what my grandma told me anyways.  Defense to me is all about the secret thing that make your team great from week to week and is my main point of gambling and using my free transfer.  I like to gamble, because the allure of that clean sheet is like fantasy crack and I like it.  Intervention to follow.  Look two games ahead only, I get a kick out of people looking farther then that down the schedule, by that time I will have had 2-3 transfers at my discretion to fix what I thought was broken.  Second key thing is find a stud any fantasy defensive stud and ride him for almost ever.  Last find a rotation that you like to start the year and stick with it for at least 4-5 games.  Like I just said, you can tinker here and there and the dreaded -4 looks better in the beginning of the year a rather then the end.  Here are the rankings, commentary brought by myself and Kevin Devries as well John Wallin of playtogga, the hippest and coolest draft style fantasy footie out there today...
This is it folks.  The whole magilla.  The end of the road and the close to a spectacular season of fantasy soccer here at Razzball.  I want to express my gratitude to all the readers, commentators and the powers that be at Razzball, a special shout to Jay, for giving me this opportunity to bring you quality advice from a fun approach in the Razzball tradition.  So here we have the finale to the rankings for the 2015/2016 FPL season.  I would say it's now or never but that would be cliche and extremely too late. The best advice this week is don't go crazy taking minuses, don't make extreme gambles and go chalk with the rankings.  The high priced guys are high priced for a reason and this week the match-ups are in your favor and if you own them good.  Now go own more or as many as possible that can fit into your roster budget.  So here are the rankings for the final week of the season, I hope you all win your mini leagues or achieve the highest overall rank to date.  Cheers!
If you are reading this and Fantasy Footie is suddenly secondary, then welcome to the first week of the Fantasy Baseball season.  Our attention spans are stretched to the brink of sports tolerance.  Add in the fact that there are UCL and Europa games this week, and it's on full on fantasy fleeck.  That is officially the first time that I have ever used that word in any typeof opinionated word document to be read by someone other than my Me-Ma.  So as I slide down the vocabulary hill and start looking up words for better usage in the Urban Dictionary, let's dive into this weeks keeps and defenders of the clean.  The most poignant question I have for all the users at home is: is having two day past ripe potatoes better than having a beautiful potato with a nice cushy match-up?  Yes, I can dig that potatoes don't have matches, hell, they don't have fixtures.  But they do have eyes.  So use yours here and look at Everton and Palace's form to date, or even over their last six...  Everton has two games where they scored three goals (vs. Villa and Stoke... whoopie) and then have given up seven goals in the other four.  Palace is winless in their last six and have conceded 12 goals in six.  Defensively or goalkeeper wise, this point of view is not a place to be dipping into the differential well.  Informative piece over, rankings to follow.  Good luck and cheers!
This stretch of games is like an O.C.D. paradise. Games two days off, then repeat.  Three sets of games in no time flat is fun as hell if you love the fantasy footie game.  Thing with this week's games are there are a few games that feature really good teams that are struggling to give good fantasy returns (Man City and Leicester), and then there are a few matches that are fitting clubs that are mutually beneficial fantasy-wise that are seeming to sap the fantasy thunder (Everton/West Ham and Spurs/Arsenal).  So no worries, we trudge along and rank guys accordingly and see how they fit with your roster.  Remember that next week is a worse blank than Week 27 so transfer smart and don't get all greedy.  There are eight teams off next week, with 23 players owned over 10% on those teams.  That is a huge obstacle to overcome, so don't compound that by bringing in another guy that you will need to remedy with next week.  As always good luck and cheers!
Abbreviated schedules leads to a short week, which leads to less time for all my nine children.  No worries though, as I don't actually think fish qualify as children, just don't tell the IRS.  This week has all the teams in action and none to soon.  Last week was a rough scramble with just four teams on the blank.  This week, transfer-wise, is all about setting yourself up for Week 30 and the future of the double game weeks.  First things first though, there are games to be played today and the rankings are here for you to do some last minute ins and outs and buys and sells.  Short weeks are fun, it just pains my liver more because it goes from early morning beers on Saturday and Sunday to midday beers on Tuesday and Wednesday.  That is why the best way to describe Fantasy Footie is tasty, served in a glass and multiple times during the day.  So go get a brew, a comfy chair or porcelain throne and enjoy the rankings for Week 28 of the FPL.  Cheers!