Both the start to the Prem and the first game week of the FPL season are an occasion perfectly constructed for both endless optimism and gut wrenching nerves. The constant tinkering prior to the season’s beginning seems tireless and never-ending, and does not satisfy nor provide resounding confidence in predicting what has yet to come in the upcoming 38 weeks. Please, blog, may I have some more?

A longer week breeds boredom.  Well boredom for some, being overly aggressive in transfer activity for others.  With the Carabao cup semi-finals now concluded we head into a FA Cup filled weekend.  Which should mean for the common folk that we should relax the transfer fingers and worry about injury concerns and injuries that have already occurred.  Gone are Marko, Willian and Lanzini, making a dent in the moderately priced midfielder market when it looked so comfy and stout.  For the 90 plus thousand that have transfered in Willian to date..sorry lads/lasses.  Injuries happen, hell even with the transfer window still open the flux of starting XI is still happening.   Lower level clubs making lower level moves to stay adrift in the top league.  Some have value, some have better value now that they are actually going to be getting playing time.  With the window still ajar and some big names still on the rumor treadmill, hold fast.  Especially in draft formats as those coveted waiver priorities will rear their dominant heads if big names come FPL bound.  So with a weekend of cup fixtures and transfer excitement why not get fome FPL transfer love on a thursday. Happy transferring.  Cheers!
Injury and mystique.  Rotation and differentials.  That's what the FPL does.  The attacking-type players that I am speaking of are becoming fewer and farther between as we get more nodded on with a template-type format for the front 8 players.  Yes, I said 8.  Because you have to roster 8.  Those two punts that you casually stroll out as Midfielders are dying as you walk in the door, so go to coat check with your Carroll's and RLC's.  The week 13-15 schedule is going to take a firm bite out of everyone's lineups and no one is a tad bit nervous at all.  The fact of the matter is that the 3 games in eight days thing is a real conundrum.  Now add in the most rostered type players, who some have rotation issues.  Some are already injured... Sadio.  Then add in the battle ground of playing 3 fixtures in that 8 day period.  If you are picking up what I am spitting then you need to start figuring out those bench spots and think for the future instead of looking at how good one fixture looks for week 12.  So for the short-sighted... here are the week 12 FPL rankings for Middies and Forwards.  Cheers!
The second installment of rankings is sometimes the favored.  Because who doesn't like to score or assist to score.  In almost any format that last sentence holds sway.  But for now let's just skip the images in your head and talk about the meat and potatoes of the FPL weekly rankings.  These fellas are more reliant on goals, assists and the BPS to drive them over the top.  So with match-ups, form and common sense as the wind to their ranking sail the list is based on just those three things.  So look at the schedule, trust the form and pray that I have some common sense when ranking these players.  Here are the Week 3 rankings for the midfielders and forwards in the FPL. Cheers!
This is it folks, last round-up. Finish your pints and kindly please put your stools on top of the tables when you leave. In all seriousness though, it has been a pleasure to drop knowledge on you week in and week out for the FPL. I do it for the love of the beautiful game, you hopefully come for the fresh cold cuts and stay for the light sided humor. Either way you get me, and I hope I at least helped you at least once this year. So cheers for the read. On to the last week, plenty of fixtures that look tasty but how many transfers do we use post DGW and in most cases bench boost. I personally still have my all out attack chip and am on the fence if losing one defender is actually worth the extra attacker. Crazy, but defense is shifty consistent. My advice for this week would be to bring in as viable attackers as possible and let the scoring and the results of what could be a wild Sunday of fixtures. Go down with your guns out, shirt off and get that last yellow card for celebrating. So last and probably not least here are the week 38 FPL rankings. Enjoy!
The conclusion of the third match-week in less than 10 days is always fun for me because it actually allows me to do nothing with my life but rank, write, and then write some more. I do it all for the love people. So the one thing that jumped out to me for this week is that there might be a bit of rotation coming up for a few teams. Most notably Chelsea, and at least for this week, Leicester. Chelsea is basically 2-3 wins away from clinching the league title outright and may just start tinkering with their roster just enough to make it fantasy hell for everyone. So don't be all surprised when it happens, Uncle Smokey told ya so. The second team is Leicester, who have a more important game in the Champions League coming midweek. Now they seem to be sorta safe from relegation and that tournament is way more important to them right now. Once again, I hope they don't take Vardy or any useful pieces away, but anything can happen in FPL. Enjoy the Week 32 rankings and comments are always solicited. Cheers!
Yikes folks, three-game weeks in 10 days and if you don't have the need for adult diapers, now may be the time.  Excitement personified!  This is the last stretch run of games that come in succession like this for the rest of the year, and if you are big proponent of taking a minus and not having it affect you this is the time.  I say that because if you simply take a minus a week for the next 3 and set yourself up with one player for the week, and one for the DGW in 34 w/ United, Soton, and Palace... you will be ahead of the game and hold onto that coveted wildcard for the better looking DGW fixtures after Week 34.  But what the heck do I know? Enjoy the week.  Happy transferring and here are the Week 30 FPL rankings for all positions.  Cheers!
Now that the back-enders are out of the way for Week 29, we can get down to the meat, potatoes and goal scorers. The quintessential fantasy meal. Getting the right set-up for midfielders is a lot harder than getting the forward ones correct right now. The options are seemingly endless, and given the shape, health and suspension levels going on in the forward ranks it is hard to get that right set for now and for the upcoming weeks. So play for now, grab for form, screw fixture through the middle. As far as the strikers go, it is kinda of weeded out for you through attrition really. With Kane and Ibra gone, it makes the forward ranks Lukaku, Costa, Manolo and maybe a roll of the dice with Sergio. Well, if you came for advice and ranks you came to the right place. Keep reading for the Week 29 Middies and Forward ranks. Cheers!
Well, the result that we all were waiting for, City over Huddersfield, now adds to an already strategic plan onto an already over-strategized plan. So the transfer ideas this week are all City front six players, and stay away from the defense because they aren't the most stoic bunch of clean sheet artists. Or you can go with the cost savings group and invest in Stoke players who also double thanks to the City victory yesterday. Regardless of what you do to your team, taking a minus this week on players that double up is a good idea because even if they get bare minimum returns of two points, you break even just on minutes played. The payoff is if the actually do anything or actually play. So with the DGW in mind here are the rankings for Week 27 in the FPL. Cheers!
Well, now that we have gone over the back-liners, let us move to the sassy portion of the rankings. Those, of course, are the managers and physios. I mean who doesn't love a guy who is the minister of fitness for their club. I know I do. But in all seriousness, middies and forwards are where the fantasy bread is buttered. And now that the possible DGW is possibly in play for next week, it does change some things around. City and Stoke players now have some attention staring at them for next week, and it does throw a blanket over some transfer ideas that we may have concocted. Regardless, this is Week 26 and for now, let's just try and take our ADHD medicine and worry about today rather then tomorrow. So with a lot of star power on blank this week, we get a few newer names to the rankings then normal. As Arsenal, City, United and Southampton all blank it eliminates a few staples from the rankings that would otherwise normally appear. so avoid the blanks, and may your points be fruitful. Cheers!