Welcome to the world of mid-February Fantasy Premier League decisionmaking. Should it be any different than it’s been all year? Well, that depends. If you have been dragging ass and dropping red arrow after red arrow without any hope in sight, well than yeah, it’s time to be bold. If you are absoulely demolishing your mini-league(s), then stay the course and bring in quality transfers and captain the smartest choice possible each and every week. At the end of the day, your weekly captaincy choice does play a huge difference in your weekly status, but nailing the pick each and every week isn’t as big of a deal as picking the right players and having them serve up consistent point totals over the length of the season. Anyway, here are my captain picks for GW 28.
First off, breathe.  Secondly we have four weeks to figure everything out.  There is no need to go full on Chernobyl and build your team to be a complete entity now for week 31.  No one wants a team constructed of three Liverpool players and than a miss mosh of West Brom, Watford and the likes for the next three weeks before they all do battle in week 31.  Just in case you are behind on the times there are only 8 teams scheduled for week 31.  After that is a mis-mosh of doubles and chip set-ups. But one week at a time.  Start by looking at your least valuable pieces, both form and price, and transfer them out for the 1 of 8 teams that compete in week 31.  Those teams are Liverpool, Watford, West Brom, Huddersfield, Everton, Stoke, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace.  Add in the possibilities of a Spurs/Newcastle fixture after the FA Cup replay happens against Spurs and Rochdale.  So it is a muddled up mess of blahness and anticipation right now.  Take on or two transfers at a time and work your way up your teams chart of bad to good players leading up to week 31.  It is only week 28 though so start slow, and I will be here to hold your hands with guidance the rest of the way.  Call me the fantasy crossing guard or something like that.  So here are some ideas for now that will help later and some that will just help now.  Happy transferring and good luck.  Cheers!
The FPL season grows up so fast.  We still remember the courting process in the preseason when it's: mom looked so good and was all good with her... feet.  Now that we are past the adolescent phase and they are basically thinking for themselves, we need to process the going's on in the transfer universe.  Lot's of stick or twist options.  Callum Wilson or Niasse?  The Pep news about using both Aguero and Jesus together as a conjoined twin of fantasy goodness.  A lot has happened in the four day span from game start to today.  Everyone has great ideas of how to rear a child,  I mean, it is so prominent in the news now.  So now I am flipping it and half-reversing it into a useful FPL standpoint for all of us to get to know.  So pull up another chair to the adult table as your FPL team is all grown up and ready to roll.  Here are the week 13 transfer takes and fakes for FPL.  Cheers!
Injury and mystique.  Rotation and differentials.  That's what the FPL does.  The attacking-type players that I am speaking of are becoming fewer and farther between as we get more nodded on with a template-type format for the front 8 players.  Yes, I said 8.  Because you have to roster 8.  Those two punts that you casually stroll out as Midfielders are dying as you walk in the door, so go to coat check with your Carroll's and RLC's.  The week 13-15 schedule is going to take a firm bite out of everyone's lineups and no one is a tad bit nervous at all.  The fact of the matter is that the 3 games in eight days thing is a real conundrum.  Now add in the most rostered type players, who some have rotation issues.  Some are already injured... Sadio.  Then add in the battle ground of playing 3 fixtures in that 8 day period.  If you are picking up what I am spitting then you need to start figuring out those bench spots and think for the future instead of looking at how good one fixture looks for week 12.  So for the short-sighted... here are the week 12 FPL rankings for Middies and Forwards.  Cheers!
You heard it right sports fans.  No more international nonsense type stuff until Week 31.  Which if you have a calendar handy, isn't until the middle of March.  Hooray for concentrating on the here and now for the FPL and the foreseeable future.  Also, on the funnier side of scheduling is that the first 11 game weeks took 87 days to complete, the next 11 will be done in a mere 47 days.  It is going to become a rush delivery, fantasy style.  The funny thing about the days is that regardless of 87 or 47, we still don't have any clear staple team.  One that has so many intrical parts that we have to invest in to keep up with the so called Jonses' of the FPL universe.  Questions still remain on the right in form triple of strikers, who and how many Spurs, Liverpool, or City midfielders we should roster and defensively where the differentials are grander, we maybe have one possibly two all-day, everyday options.  So the next 10-11 weeks that take us to the New Year's day games will be a competitive balance of luck and skill.  So here are some post Int'l break transfer ideas based on the transfer ideas going down in the FPL universe, plus some common sense or totally nonsensical ones too.  Cheers!
When the top three scoring forwards for a gameweek are a combined £16.4m in value and put up 25 total points, well then we gotta reevaluate how we are structuring our teams. Clearly goals are coming from more diverse sources, but the likelihood of picking the right one in any given week remains a difficult proposition. Pick your favorite color and run with it, I don't know - the point is to strengthen your team elsewhere if you are like me and are in shambles in the back and the midfield.

Away: Manchester City (1) - Home: Chelsea (0)

The marquee match played at Stamford Bridge on Saturday felt like an away game for Chelsea, as Man City came out relentless from the start pressuring up top and pushing Chelsea back. Chelsea never looked comfortable playing out of the back, and Man City dominated early and often. Alvaro Morata picked up a hamstring injury in the 34th minute, and was replaced by Willian who saw little opportunity to attack alongside Eden Hazard.

Away: Bournemouth (1) – Home: Niasse (2)

Oumar Niasse doubled the Toffees goal total on the season with his 35 minutes of heroics, saving Everton from embarrissing defeat to Bournemouth. Niasse bagged his brace after coming in as a sub for the battered and bloodied Wayne Rooney, scoring his first goal with 13 minutes to go in the 2nd half. The game winner was the ultimate scrappy goal, as he corralled his own blocked header from 6 yards out and buried it home past Begovic. His efforts gave Everton their first two goals in the Premier League since August 21st, when their other top goal scorer on the season, Wayne Rooney, scored his 2nd on the season and remains on 2 in now 497 minutes. While it would be something special for a magical 5.0m forward to emerge like a phoenix from the ruins that Lukaku left bare at Goodison Park, especially in a season currently defined by the plethora of marquee, expensive forward options, there is nothing here to make me truly believe we are witnessing the first roots of fantasy glory. Nobody knows, nay, not even Niasse, if he is suddenly going to supplant Wayne Rooney or Calvert-Lewin up top in the Toffee's attack. What I do know, however, is that performances like his on Saturday are what make the Premier League worth watching. This is a player that Ronald Koeman (clearly not a football savant) had played a grand total of 0 matches prior to the weekend's game. Rather than play a single minute during the first half of last season - playing time is slim pickings behind Lukaku - he was loaned last January to Hull City, where in 19 appearances and 1213 minutes under Marco Silva (definitely possibly a football savant), he scored 5 goals and made 1 assist, averaging just over 60 minutes a match. Koeman has never wanted to play him, but was forced to put him on for a clearly tired, ailing, aging and ineffective Rooney in a match that Everton did not really deserve to win.
With the end of the season in sight, it is time to announce that tickets are now on sale for the first annual Razzball pancake breakfast.  It is a bring your own eggs affair.  A dozen is good but the amount of slackers that we have that will attend it is best to bring a dozen and a half.  I will be your DJ in the kitchen cooking up hash browns on the ones and twos.  Not sure if anyone else will be accompanying me in the chef department, if not, so be it. I am used to going at things on my own.  So get pancake hungry y'all!  Now to the lecture at hand, week 36 is here and it gives us a real strategy look at what to do the rest of the way.  Whether you have the WC still at your discretion or not.  Two teams, Arsenal and Southampton have fantasy assets in name only this week as both teams only offer the extra set of fixtures and not the allure.  So don't go crazy with bringing in hopes and dreams of positive thinking this week and concentrate on Week 37 instead.  But for now stay here enjoy my rankings and hell even stay and leave a comment or three.  Happy transferring.  Cheers!