are more of the subtle yet deadly variety.  Why?  Because of the elite fixture that lies ahead this weekend between Liverpool and City.  It is tough to have tons of faith in two teams that are both FPL stalwarts like they are.  They basically neutralize each other on both ends of the pitch.  Liverpool has the best home defense is the league, and City just score anywhere.  City are a top 5 defensive team on the road and Liverpool score more at home.  It is like one hand washing the other this week.  All are still startable options this week as the money, ownership and transfer fees associated with making a one week move based on match-up just doesn't make too much sense to this guy.  So be heady this week, don't compound the DGW fiasco from last game week and make it worse and bury yourself further down the well.  So happy transferring this week and enjoy the next two weeks of transfer rumors.  Here are the week 23 rankings for the FPL. Cheers!
When it comes to solidifying your team and using differentials it starts at the back. Just look at the ownership of the United defenders, who are the best defense in the Premier, yet no defender is owned in over 10% of leagues.  Diversity used to be an old, old wooden ship now it is your best friend.  Pick two good match-up based defenders with flair regardless of price and fill in the other three slots spending no more than 14.0m.  That strategy seems to be the best thing I can think of.  Like I said the differentials are there you just have to find the crucial key pieces and go from there.  It's like doing an actual puzzle, find the border pieces and work your way in.  Simple.  At the ned if the day you will see the big picture.  Week 9 is upon us and it has some UCL rotation risks so be wary of the news later in the week from the managers and always use common sense when bringing and dumping a player.  best of luck and here are the Wweek 9 rakings for keepers and defenders.  Cheers!
The DGW makes rankings seem like a person who has a stutter.  Every third guy is from the same team, and are basically only enticing because of the extra fixture.  This week, that is not the case.  The fixtures are bordering on blah and the options to gain fantasy aptitude are limited.  Yea the Palace players seem interesting and then you realize their opponents.  Then you move onto United and realize that, who do you really trust there?  Then you have Middlesbrough who's favorite soccer stylings seems to be stuck in neutral.  Not very appealing my friends, like I said.  The best case scenario for the week is to take a minimum hit transfer wise and bring in the usual DGW faces that you hear about all over the inter-webs, and of course use some of that good ole common sense. So good luck with transfer ideas and enjoy some DGW rankings for week 34 of the FPL.  Cheers!
The whole hub-bub this week will be to take a minus or not. I don't care what other research of quadratic jargon that you peruse on a daily basis, that is the only question that matters. The quick answer here is do what you think is right by your team in setting yourself up to compete in Week 29. That is the more important question. This week is basically a wash and everyone, and I mean everyone is either working at a disadvantage to get a starting XI, or will take a minus to get there. The run out is more important than a four game slate that features a less then attractive depth solution to this week's problem. Get your team to 9 and then if you want 10 at a minus 4, go for it. If not, relax, be on top of your team for Week 29 so you can bring in Kane or Costa. You can think about midfield with Hazard and Sanchez and defensively you should be all set and gambling with the guys who get you through Week 28 until you are ready to wildcard. I am no genius in this, it is all common sense. Don't play follow the leader, play the I own my own FPL team game. Here are the sexy rankings for Week 28. Cheers!
Last week's sort of impromptu DGW by City and Stoke basically trashed the best laid plans of men. So this week with only four fixtures on the slate, it opens up the question of: Is it better to take a minus to roster a full team or just get the bare minimum and go at it as a unit of ten (or less)? The prospects of clean sheets eliminates the chase for defensive points, and with the amount of usable talent remaining on some of the other teams, maybe taking a minus in the full squad department isn't such a bad idea. Taking minus to get yourself a full squad is not my recommendation, because there will be more teams in your predicament then not. So rest on your rostered laurels, make the minimum transfers you need to get yourself to a roster of nine or greater, and then attack Week 29 like it's a brand new day. For those who are not in the same mind set here are some transfer ideas for the limited slate of Week 28. Cheers!
With Blanks draw contempt. A brilliant man once said that, and that man was Wayne Shaw's brother Bernard Shaw. Smart guy, wandering transfer fingers though. So with week 26 here, and as I have so elaborately explained in the transfer post, don't be a lemming! Unless being a lemming in the transfer market is to defend your throne. If you are chasing points in your money leagues or mini-leagues, think differently. You kinda have to with the blank weeks and soon-to-be double game weeks. Going with the flow wasn't cool for the Fonz, so it shouldn't be cool with you. You think Pinky Tuscadero would have paid him any attention if he was boring? Hell nah. Where was I, oh that's right, week 26 rankings. So this week is broken down into basically defense and attack with midfielders and forwards coming your way manana, so stay tuned. But stay in the here and now and concentrate on the keepers and defense. Rostering too many blank players leaves you with a blank expression when Monday rolls around and you are sitting 10 points below the average score. So sit back, relax and enjoy week 26 because the roller coaster that is the FPL is now in full effect. Cheers!
So the end is neigh my friends. We've reached the fourth and final installment of our January Transfer need list for each team in the Premiership. Up to this point very few teams have addressed the issues laid out in these posts, with the exception of the defending champions of course. Last week we discussed Manchester United and theireir laundry list of rumored targets, and in previous posts we've covered Liverpool and  Arsenal. Those three clubs could/should have the biggest impact on potential new fantasy assets coming into our FPL world. At the end of the day the January transfer window is less about known commodities moving to greener pastures and more about what new options we can look forward to buying. Players like Gylfi Sigurdsson, Luis Suarez, and Papiss Cissé are all former January new bloods that had second half impact on FPL squads. So the question remains who will be the new blood of 2015? Will there be any shiny new assets worth buying or will we be looking at the same old schmucks with different kits?