Doubles rule the FPL world, just like O'Doyle rules the Billy Madison world.  We are here at the ultimate in fantasy weeks, the last double of the year.  Last chance to but through that ton score threshold and capitalize on those chip (whichever you are using).  With 12 teams doubling up it gives us some tough decisions transfer wise.  Who do we use in the forward  position/  How many single game week players do I trust?  If one or two, whom?   All tough questions because there are so many great in form single game week players, but two is still greater than one and 180 minutes trumps 90.  So transfer wisely when it comes to committing to single game week guys, no more than 2 should be gracing your entire roster and one of them is the back-up keeper.  This week's rankings much like other double game week affairs will be littered with twice the flavor for my love towards weekly returns.  So if you are torn between one guy or the other use my rankings to steer you to the promised land of fantasy points.  Enjoy the week's games and I'll see ya tomorrow with the start's and sit's.  Cheers!
Now that the double match week is just about kaput, we can get on with brass tax.  The blank week is the the thinking man's week.  Anyone can pick players with two fixtures and get luck.  When supplies get limited it is where the rubber meets the road.  With only 12 teams to choose players from and some of those negated by awful matchups, cough Swansea...cough cough West Brom.  That leaves 10.  1 big FPL Indians to choose from.  Transfers this week on an individual basis are tough. So if you planned ahead and have that appropriate chips that replaces your entire team for just one week, well now is the time to employ that bad boy.  I wish I could say something more diplomatic and forthcoming about advise this week, but it is pretty obvious who you want.  Just be smart and use a differential or three if at all possible. Here are the rankings for the FPL in week .  Happy chipping, transferring or whatever mode of transportation you take to get to the endline this week.  Cheers!
Similar to taking a piss straight into a headwind, there is futility in guessing which player will rise above the rest week-in and week-out. Rankings are damn near impossible to completely nail, and the top four forwards from GW29 were no exception: Aubameyang, Tosun, Deeney and King (aka Aubametosu and The Deeney Kings). Of them, Aubayameng was the highest owned at 4.4%. That's the type of odds FPL stacks you against in any given week, and these rankings are based as much on fixtures as they are gut feel. Week 30 ends our sense of normal that we've mostly had since the Christmas fixtures, and if you've been following along at home then you've heard of FPL's upcoming booze snooze on St. Paddy's Day, which will provide us a wee-smattering of Premier Leauge with just 4 fixtures. Now week 30's rankings do not factor in the blank, but it should be taken into consideration for transfer purposes as we focus on finding players that shore up a hole for this week and the following. Try looking at a cheap starter that could help shift funds in GW 31 to your missing higher priced item from Liverpool or Everton. Taking a chance on a lesser-owned, cheaper asset with starting credentials in GW31 carries an automatic 2 point "bonus" points you otherwise wouldn't have. So go get some free FPL currency and cheers!
Short week means a robust, yet fast approach to FPL week 26.  Condensed into two days, we give you all the same content, just at the expense of sleep and in all actuality some news that is ahead for the next game week of 26.  With Riyad still MIA and the United and Chelsea attack's stalling last week it should be an interesting week of gambling from a transfer perspective.  Teams like Stoke and Bournemouth have decent upcoming fixtures and are the source of some really cheap and affordable differential type players. Don't forget about the looming blank, and double game weeks that are on the horizon.  If you have transfers that will help you now and later than look at the blank percentages for those upcoming weeks and invest wisely in those.  The blanks and DGW are where we all make up differences in mini leagues if you are into that type of thing... you know actually competing.  I am not one to really talk in that department as I continue to guess wrong on my transfers, but steer everyone who asks in the right.  Cie la vie.  Still having a blast reporting everything possible FPl for the Razzball universe.  Good luck on the transfers and think for yourself not with the masses.  13 weeks too!
Another week, another top 6 battle of dueling defenses.  I hate it because the ownability of the Spurs and United players litter the FPL universe.  No, you probably can't sit them if you are rostering them, but you could brace yourself for a limited point return.  As well as a smaller percentage of a return for a CS.  Lots of mid to lower tabled teams face off against each other and I can see this as a week for teams to sure up their secondary and tertiary defenders.  Look at Leicester's pieces.  Look at Newcastle.  Look at Stoke.  A few others plus those three have intrinsic value this week and for the next handful of fixtures.  The prices on their most ownable commodities are basically minimal, but so is the expectations of fixture returns.   They aren't startable every week over the top 4-5 defensive teams but good to have in a pinch when roster's start to blank, double and tougher clubs face off against each other.  So without much further hoopla here are the rankings for Keepers and Defenders for the FPL week of 25.  Cheers!
As good as the offensive big wigs look this week, and we will get to them tomorrow.  The stoutest of the stout, the purveyors of the clean, the dukes of denial are looking very good this week.  As I stated yesterday the cream is definitely separating themselves from the rest of the field and that doesn't change on the defensive end of the ball either.  With great match-ups on paper for the better defensive teams, like City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and United the rankings this week will be littered with the likes of those teams integral players.  Better teams better chances for CS results as a probability scale dictates usually.  Don't get me wrong gambling is good when you don't have the funds to be a defensive laden team with assets from the top 6 team all at your disposal.  This unfortunately isn't the case in salary capped leagues where funds become limited, so i will mix in some of my favorite low investment players into the rankings here and there, but for the most part it takes money to earn the CS points this week.  Here are the week 24 FPL keeps and defender rankings.  Good luck and Cheers!
Clear Choice: Mohamed Salah, Liverpool - The King of Motown faces off with Manchester City at Anfield, and despite currently recovering from injury, since it feels like forever since we last saw Salah, let's just pretend taht he's extra rested. City are nothing to laugh about on defense, especially now that they have John Stones fit for matches playing alongside Otamendi and Kyle Walker. Furthermore, Liverpool lost Coutinho since their last league match, but I think that means Mo Opportunities for Mo Salah. City's defense is good, but an early goal either way will open the play up and both offenses will be trying to one-up the other. I predict Salah to come up on top.
Diana Ross and The Supremes: The top and most supreme picks, easily gonna be one of Mo Salah or Kane. Flip a damn coin, I don't know. Watford have given up mad goals all season and only had 2 cleans at home - versus Stoke and West Ham - whereas Brighton have kept one clean at home all season, and that was versus Newcastle. I personally will be going Salah. I'm done questioning him, and I think his form is too tremendous to ignore - 2 goals in 23 minutes last week, he's now "rested" and honestly I wouldn't be surprised one bit if he does not play a full 90 versus the Seagulls. Liverpool have a big Champions League match versus Spartak Moscow 3 days later at Anfield. Good news is that it's at home, so he and the rest of the team will be fully prepared for their midweek clash. But got damn, if he just plays 60 minutes he's gonna get returns. Dude's hungry, dale comida mi pueblo!
Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz! This writer is very thankful that 'Merican Football had it's time in the sun yesterday (or rain/sleet/snow if you don't live on the West Coast like me) and now we can get back to the good stuff, PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM FOOOTIE! WOOOOOO! The fixture feast is upon us, we will try our best to provide you with excellent recommendations as we dash through 3 FPL game weeks in 1 Gregorian calendar week. Breath easy, don't stress, and just remember that even your worst point total in this stretch will be gone and in the rearview mirror in the blink of an eye.
I wish the FPl scoring system was more like Oprah.  You get a clean sheet!  You get a Clean Sheet! Yes, even you get a clean sheet.  Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, that just having someone in attendence gets one.  It is done the old fashioned way and it is earned.  the clean sheet guessing game has been blowing up in our faces as of late as teams that look like tidy games have yielded results not so comforting to the point accumulation.  Best advice is don't gamble.  they have gambling anonymous hotlines to help you in such affairs.  keep it simple gather the best guys at an affordable rate, even the cheapest options to a great defense, and rock out with that.  At worst you need three great/good defenseman.  I recommend having at least four with intrinsic value and then work from there.  take the gamble out of the equation and just follow the buzzards of the FPL universe, but don't be a complete lemming.  Forge your own path to defensive greatness and look for differentials they are out there.  All you have to do is look.  here are the week 12 FPl rankings for keeps and D.  Cheers!