The last rankings round-up.  The unfortunate things that are really fun and annoying is that they have to come to an unfortunate end.  Way too many unfortunate things there, but for the gist of spitting at soccer it makes last week look like heaven's sent.  I am still trying to forget it and GW 37 just ended yesterday.  too many negatives don't equal a positive.  That is why i am thankful that week 38 is finally here so we can move on from our woes and set the record straight with one more good week to go out on a top note.  There is no need to be wordy with an intro this week, we have done this 37 times previous.  To wax poetic would just not be my style as I like it short, sweet, brunette and with a great personality.  Wait, we're still talking about FPL players...right?  So with out further adieu here are my views on the rankings for week 38.  Good luck, it has been a pleasure bringing you fantasy output this year and I have one more post of usefulness this year.  Cheers!
Doubles rule the FPL world, just like O'Doyle rules the Billy Madison world.  We are here at the ultimate in fantasy weeks, the last double of the year.  Last chance to but through that ton score threshold and capitalize on those chip (whichever you are using).  With 12 teams doubling up it gives us some tough decisions transfer wise.  Who do we use in the forward  position/  How many single game week players do I trust?  If one or two, whom?   All tough questions because there are so many great in form single game week players, but two is still greater than one and 180 minutes trumps 90.  So transfer wisely when it comes to committing to single game week guys, no more than 2 should be gracing your entire roster and one of them is the back-up keeper.  This week's rankings much like other double game week affairs will be littered with twice the flavor for my love towards weekly returns.  So if you are torn between one guy or the other use my rankings to steer you to the promised land of fantasy points.  Enjoy the week's games and I'll see ya tomorrow with the start's and sit's.  Cheers!

Oh the weather outside is FPL frightful. Dum, de dum delightful. The weather is definitely a blind pimple on the face of the FPL heading into this weekend’s slate of fixtures. Hell it is going to affect today’s Arsenal/City clash.  So if and a big if that they do play rankings are the pivot point to a transfer strategy.  Please, blog, may I have some more?

You hear that drumming in  the distance? That is the upcoming schedule.  Rearing its slow and steady beat and invading your every thought.  Every transfer decision you make from here on out should be with the biggest four weeks on your mind. With 2 blank weeks and 2 doubles in the remainder of the calender, rankings mean only so much to the clearer bigger picture.  Think long and hard about your preparation for those weeks as every player thank blanks that you may own or transfer in reverberates to gameweeks 34, 35 and 37.  So be smart and slow the pace of play a bit and instead of hitting confirm transfer think again about it.  get yourself on a plan of attack for the final 11 weeks of play.  Chips in hand, wildcards to play.  Stack them up against players in your mini league and dominate.  But for those playing it by the seat of their pants here are the week 28 rankings for the FPL.  Good luck and Cheers!
In a week built to attack the lower level squads, I am advising everyone to treat this as a one off week.  Pick guys that help you now.  Whether that be defensive matchups in your favor like Stoke or Swansea.  Or even on the offensive end with Bournemouth and crazy as it may seem Brighton.  The lower level clubs for me are getting a ton of my fantasy eye as we steam roll toward week 28 and the potential for fixture shuffle.  The best part of that is that we will have a full two weeks before the next game week to totally overthink our teams and mess with it six ways til Sunday.  So if you are having a debate in your head for transfers this week, pick the better matchup as you see it on paper.  In form teams right now aren't the ones you may expect.  If at all possible to go into week 28 with a second free transfer by all means do it because Arsenal and City may be blanking there.  One extra in the bank is better for the heart, mind and fantasy soul.  Enjoy the week 27 fixtures and happy transferring. Cheers!
Another week, another Champions league worry fest.  Also another one off week where the schedule flips into an International break abyss and we are left to stare and think about our rosters for far too long.  Causing angst and transfer tremors of epic proportions. Fear not though as it is only Thursday and the day after the UCL games and the day of the Europa's where we see two more EPl team pit their metals against foreign hordes.  It does but it doesn't affect the Premier League because who knows what will happen until after the games happen.  Guessing is for the noobs, we here at Razzbol are the experts.  Self proclaimed experts of course.  So with week 11 on the docket officially now we can look at the games to come, where almost every team that makes fantasy gravy gets it's feet wet on the Sunday slate.  But stars don't win championships, it's the differentials that do.  So buck up and transfer wisely as we are thumbs, balls and minds deep into week 11.  here are the rankings for keepers and Defenders fro week 11.  Cheers!
Awwwww snap we're back up in here for the Fantasy Premier League Rankings, Week 7, and better than ever. I can't promise that the last part of that statement is even remotely true but we'll try. So here we are in Week 7, looking at the slate of fixtures I'm inclined to do something that made sense 6 weeks ago but sounded preposterous as recently as last week, and that's rank Chelsea's defensive options highly. But alas Newcastle cures all ills, or can't score, or is as likely to find a goal as a blind dog is to find a bone. In all truthiness, Chelsea lads are an excellent buy at the moment, with a bundle of favorable upcoming fixtures. Over the next three weeks Chelsea face Newcastle away, then Southampton and Aston Villa at the Bridge. All games I'd target if I was looking to change out under-performing defenders, or those with a poor upcoming schedule, like say Manchester United. Who following this week's home clash with Sunderland face Arsenal, Everton, and City. That's a tough slate! But let's put the upcoming fixtures aside for a moment and explore the top keeper and defence options in matchweek 7.
It's the potatoes of the this week rankings.  And yes is the answer, we serve the starch before the proteins.  It's all good though because we will no doubt fill you up with more useful knowledge then useless.  It's my guarantee, if you aren't satisfied Ralph will drive you to the airport for your next vacation free of charge.  Door to door is the farm to table of the fantasy biz.   So looking at this week's games there are a slew of close games and very few favorable fixtures that you want to monopolize on.  Best advice is stay the course and if you need to transfer in this week it will be an all offensive type sitch.  So enjoy the rankings where City keepers and defenders rule the roost...again.  It's week 6 back-enders rankings...Cheers!
We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em.  You should know the drill but if you don’t, we each pick one option from each position (except keepers cause they’re…..zzzzzzzzz….sorry I went to sleep), and then, for a bonus, we show you our genius line-ups for the week.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  The best part is, you get two opinions for the price of one.  We do this as a tandem, it’s the Smokey and Ralph show.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Week 5 Fantasy Premier League.