Another week, another top 6 battle of dueling defenses.  I hate it because the ownability of the Spurs and United players litter the FPL universe.  No, you probably can't sit them if you are rostering them, but you could brace yourself for a limited point return.  As well as a smaller percentage of a return for a CS.  Lots of mid to lower tabled teams face off against each other and I can see this as a week for teams to sure up their secondary and tertiary defenders.  Look at Leicester's pieces.  Look at Newcastle.  Look at Stoke.  A few others plus those three have intrinsic value this week and for the next handful of fixtures.  The prices on their most ownable commodities are basically minimal, but so is the expectations of fixture returns.   They aren't startable every week over the top 4-5 defensive teams but good to have in a pinch when roster's start to blank, double and tougher clubs face off against each other.  So without much further hoopla here are the rankings for Keepers and Defenders for the FPL week of 25.  Cheers!
are more of the subtle yet deadly variety.  Why?  Because of the elite fixture that lies ahead this weekend between Liverpool and City.  It is tough to have tons of faith in two teams that are both FPL stalwarts like they are.  They basically neutralize each other on both ends of the pitch.  Liverpool has the best home defense is the league, and City just score anywhere.  City are a top 5 defensive team on the road and Liverpool score more at home.  It is like one hand washing the other this week.  All are still startable options this week as the money, ownership and transfer fees associated with making a one week move based on match-up just doesn't make too much sense to this guy.  So be heady this week, don't compound the DGW fiasco from last game week and make it worse and bury yourself further down the well.  So happy transferring this week and enjoy the next two weeks of transfer rumors.  Here are the week 23 rankings for the FPL. Cheers!
This is it folks.  The whole magilla.  The end of the road and the close to a spectacular season of fantasy soccer here at Razzball.  I want to express my gratitude to all the readers, commentators and the powers that be at Razzball, a special shout to Jay, for giving me this opportunity to bring you quality advice from a fun approach in the Razzball tradition.  So here we have the finale to the rankings for the 2015/2016 FPL season.  I would say it's now or never but that would be cliche and extremely too late. The best advice this week is don't go crazy taking minuses, don't make extreme gambles and go chalk with the rankings.  The high priced guys are high priced for a reason and this week the match-ups are in your favor and if you own them good.  Now go own more or as many as possible that can fit into your roster budget.  So here are the rankings for the final week of the season, I hope you all win your mini leagues or achieve the highest overall rank to date.  Cheers!
This is it my friends.  I know that I am being semi-presumptuous that we are mates, but for the sense of suspense, let's just pretend that we are.  And I promise to stop stalking you on social media.  Fair?  Yeah, I thought so, DM canceled. So week 37 is here and the differentials that exist are different than the previous week of doubles in 34.  By differentials, I mean that the dispersion of talent is very broad-based here.  There are a ton more lesser names to be rostered this week than the star power that previously existed in the double of days gone by.  Transfer ideas this week, start and end with guys on doubles.  End sentence.  I know the Villa and Newcastle fixture is so tempting, but where does that leave you for next week when the Toons play the Spurs?  All about the doubles.  I just want to keep instilling that into your minds.  Rankings this week reflect the doubles, as they should with only two weeks remaining.  Two pieces of advice this week...  First don't be afraid of the minus, as it doesn't hurt you as much as you think with guys on two games.  Secondly, if you are rostering Kane, Sanchez, and Aguero, you need to get rid of one and only one as all three have favorable fixtures in week 38.  So here is this week's rankings.  Good luck and cheers!
To quote a movie that we have all heard, or have been forced to listen to if you have kids or nieces: "In the first time in forever" we have a non-double week, non-truncated week, and no blanks from anyone.  My memory is bad as all get out, but it feels longer than a few weeks to me. So the week before the big double it is sorta like a moving week.  You can't really afford to bring in anyone that isn't on a double for Week 37, but you can't completely trust in some teams that have a double next week for this week to contribute.  I am firmly looking at Chelsea, Norwich, and Everton.  We have all been burned by the Toffees, and I, as your friend and local FPL expert, advise against all moves in that general direction.  Even the other team in the Sae Town is iffy with rotations and the Europa's still going on.  So that leaves a whole sixteams with which to roster.  Now you know why I am all on the Cats this week and next, because to me, they have shiner appeal, especially defensively than a lot of other clubs.  Add in the fact that they are fighting relegation and boom, fantasy asset...  So here are the back-enders for Week 36 of the FPL. Cheers!
This week's rankings are condensed like soup.  Add the double week, and you have yourself a meal.  There are a ton of one game options that could make sense to try and squeeze out some value.  And by ton, I mean maybe a handful.  Doubling up this week is all the fad, its like the regular Oreo good, but with double the filling.  So twice the sugar, adrenaline, and hype of regular game weeks.  Whether you choose to maximize your roster via the WC or one of the chips at your disposal, you need to have a minimum of 8 DGW guys playing this week in order to keep up with the Jones's.  United, Arsenal, and Liverpool look like the best three options to max out your roster to three from each squad.  Whether or not all players play both fixtures, well... I am not the Amazin' Kreskin and not the best guesser on the planet, second best maybe. So transfer wisely, use good judgement and if you need to take a minus to get points back in your chase now is not the time to be all scared of the repercussions.  You will make it up just on minimal returns of a guy playing two games.  So the minus is not a deterrent for success this week and Doubles rule all!  Cheers!