are more of the subtle yet deadly variety.  Why?  Because of the elite fixture that lies ahead this weekend between Liverpool and City.  It is tough to have tons of faith in two teams that are both FPL stalwarts like they are.  They basically neutralize each other on both ends of the pitch.  Liverpool has the best home defense is the league, and City just score anywhere.  City are a top 5 defensive team on the road and Liverpool score more at home.  It is like one hand washing the other this week.  All are still startable options this week as the money, ownership and transfer fees associated with making a one week move based on match-up just doesn't make too much sense to this guy.  So be heady this week, don't compound the DGW fiasco from last game week and make it worse and bury yourself further down the well.  So happy transferring this week and enjoy the next two weeks of transfer rumors.  Here are the week 23 rankings for the FPL. Cheers!
When it comes to solidifying your team and using differentials it starts at the back. Just look at the ownership of the United defenders, who are the best defense in the Premier, yet no defender is owned in over 10% of leagues.  Diversity used to be an old, old wooden ship now it is your best friend.  Pick two good match-up based defenders with flair regardless of price and fill in the other three slots spending no more than 14.0m.  That strategy seems to be the best thing I can think of.  Like I said the differentials are there you just have to find the crucial key pieces and go from there.  It's like doing an actual puzzle, find the border pieces and work your way in.  Simple.  At the ned if the day you will see the big picture.  Week 9 is upon us and it has some UCL rotation risks so be wary of the news later in the week from the managers and always use common sense when bringing and dumping a player.  best of luck and here are the Wweek 9 rakings for keepers and defenders.  Cheers!
Listen I get that the ole moniker is the key to a good offense is a good defense, but they don't score the goals.  Or get the ladies.  Keepers and defense are predicated on the clean sheet.  It is a story as old as time and will never get old.  the differentials and variety of starting capabilities are what make defenders, more than goalies the point return parity of the official game.  Their prices dictate who and what we have and it steers us in the direction of affordability over form, and the elusive chase for the ever loving clean sheet.  with the occasional goal or assist.  With the international break finally caput we can get into the goods of fantasy for the next four weeks until the next international break.  Womp, womp.  So onto the here and now here are the week 8 rankings for the FPl.  Cheers!
We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called “Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em”.  You should know the drill, but if you don’t, we pick one option from each position.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  It is more based on my feelings and gut approach for the week’s upcoming and changes from week-to-week.  I look at match-ups and form to formulate my craziness.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Fantasy Premier League Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em, Week 6 (plus a sleeper/under-owned fella that should be owned and isn’t.)
The Prem is here, and we can all now rejoice. Now that the season has kicked off, I will be doing my best to fill your Mondays with sweet, fond memories from the games from over the weekend. I also ask for some patience as I work through how to best provide both a summation and meaningful outlook on the matches. I was hoping to write about all 20 teams for this post, but it started to become lengthy and I started to get sleepy. So, here are my notes over the weekend on Arsenal to Liverpool (alpha order because why not?)...I will hopefully have Man City to West Ham by tomorrow.
The metric for team-building has always been to avoid the tippy top of defenders when it comes to price.  That problem is getting a lot harder this year as nine defenders are priced at 6.5 or higher, and another ten over 6.0.  We all like to save a buck here or there, but that is why I am here.  To buck the trend, come up with either really smart or really dumb ideas, or to just be some sort of comic relief in the world of FPL.  All of what I just said is true, it's just in the eye of the beholder for smart/dumb ideas.  So this year I have seen the same trend and a lot of complaints from the FPL heads that defenders are too high and not worth it as they scour for usefulness in the lower tiers of pricing.  I am going the opposite way currently, and all it will cost you in the end is 2m bucks.  I got last years stats in my pocket, and I know they don't always correlate. The beautiful thing here is that there are so many options on high priced defense that you aren't committed to just go with the chalk guys.  Keep on reading... I made a fun chart for you to peruse, and will have more goodies after the jump!
With time short in both this week and the season, we get right to the meat and potatoes.  Rankings will be fast and furious, as will the fantasy advice.  Two weeks remain in the season and with the double game week this week, it is almost the Mt. Everest of the FPL season.  So my transfer advice will be included in the intro to the rankings this week.  Find a differential if they possibly exist, watch out for possible rotations, and don not bring in anyone with a single game week.  I mean that all sounds simple and well and good from a fan of my writings so heed my advice this week.  Stick to your guns with player favorability, and do not be afraid to take a minus to bring in a DGW player at the expense of a -4.  The rationale behind that is that if a player does nothing but play minute you break even.  So anything they may do, or are expected to do that adds to their point total is money in your bank.  Not really but you get the idea.  So on to the ranks as the games start Friday, and they don't stop until next Thursday.  Should be fun if you are into the whole soccer/football thing.  Good luck this week.  Cheers!
With the end of the season in sight, it is time to announce that tickets are now on sale for the first annual Razzball pancake breakfast.  It is a bring your own eggs affair.  A dozen is good but the amount of slackers that we have that will attend it is best to bring a dozen and a half.  I will be your DJ in the kitchen cooking up hash browns on the ones and twos.  Not sure if anyone else will be accompanying me in the chef department, if not, so be it. I am used to going at things on my own.  So get pancake hungry y'all!  Now to the lecture at hand, week 36 is here and it gives us a real strategy look at what to do the rest of the way.  Whether you have the WC still at your discretion or not.  Two teams, Arsenal and Southampton have fantasy assets in name only this week as both teams only offer the extra set of fixtures and not the allure.  So don't go crazy with bringing in hopes and dreams of positive thinking this week and concentrate on Week 37 instead.  But for now stay here enjoy my rankings and hell even stay and leave a comment or three.  Happy transferring.  Cheers!
Yikes folks, three-game weeks in 10 days and if you don't have the need for adult diapers, now may be the time.  Excitement personified!  This is the last stretch run of games that come in succession like this for the rest of the year, and if you are big proponent of taking a minus and not having it affect you this is the time.  I say that because if you simply take a minus a week for the next 3 and set yourself up with one player for the week, and one for the DGW in 34 w/ United, Soton, and Palace... you will be ahead of the game and hold onto that coveted wildcard for the better looking DGW fixtures after Week 34.  But what the heck do I know? Enjoy the week.  Happy transferring and here are the Week 30 FPL rankings for all positions.  Cheers!
With Blanks draw contempt. A brilliant man once said that, and that man was Wayne Shaw's brother Bernard Shaw. Smart guy, wandering transfer fingers though. So with week 26 here, and as I have so elaborately explained in the transfer post, don't be a lemming! Unless being a lemming in the transfer market is to defend your throne. If you are chasing points in your money leagues or mini-leagues, think differently. You kinda have to with the blank weeks and soon-to-be double game weeks. Going with the flow wasn't cool for the Fonz, so it shouldn't be cool with you. You think Pinky Tuscadero would have paid him any attention if he was boring? Hell nah. Where was I, oh that's right, week 26 rankings. So this week is broken down into basically defense and attack with midfielders and forwards coming your way manana, so stay tuned. But stay in the here and now and concentrate on the keepers and defense. Rostering too many blank players leaves you with a blank expression when Monday rolls around and you are sitting 10 points below the average score. So sit back, relax and enjoy week 26 because the roller coaster that is the FPL is now in full effect. Cheers!